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Jadavpur University Professor Compared Virgin Girl to Sealed Bottle


In an absolutely shocking, misogynist and sexist comment, Jadavpur University Professor in Kolkata (West Bengal) has compared a virgin girl to a sealed bottle. The comments were posted by Kanak Sarkar. And not just one, Sarkar has posted many controversial Facebook posts regarding a woman’s virginity. In the recent awful Facebook post, which has now been deleted, Sarkar asked, “Are you willing to buy a broken seal while purchasing a bottle of cold drink or a packet of biscuits?” “A girl is born sealed from birth until it is opened… A virgin girl means many things accompanied with values, culture, and sexual hygiene [sic],” Sarkar said. “To most boys, a virgin wife is like an angel,” the Jadavpur University professor added.

Albeit he has deleted the post now, a number of other posts expose his sexist views. In a Facebook post dated November 9, Sarkar had mentioned that these days, boys and girls do not consider celibacy and virginity as part of ethics and morality. That is why, girls end up being “exploited by the cunning boys”, Jadavpur University Professor Sarkar had said.

He further described virginity as precious as honesty and morality. In yet another post he wrote on December 22, Sarkar said that if a woman is a virgin before her wedding, she should be proud of it. “Express your virginity during marriage negotiation or during love affair or even in married life. I am sure you will be honoured by your husband or lover,” Sarkar said.

“Every man respects and aspires for a virgin wife. To the menfolk, the virgin wife is like an angel. Women should know this fact,” Sarkar added. He also gave an example of the Japanese. “They proudly claim that 99 percent of the Japanese girls remain a virgin till marriage. Japanese society is so progressive and developed,” Jadavpur University Professor Sarkar said.