Introducing Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac Users

Microsoft Visual Studio For Mac Version: The Microsoft recently announced their Visual Studio platform for Mac. This service will be officially introduced at the Connect Conference on 16 November. The Microsoft’s Visual Studio is aimed to help Apple customers through the platform’s coding tools. 
Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac

Microsoft introduces Visual Studio for Mac users

Essentially, Microsoft is bringing the almost identical Visual Studio development experience to the Mac. The Visual Studio for Mac will be an all-around cloud-based development tool for .NET and C# developers.The Mac version of Visual Studio is quite similar to the Windows version of Visual Studio.
The UX is based on the Visual Studio’s UX with a distinct look and feel like a native MacOS software. As it the case with Visual Studio for Windows, Visual Studio Code is available for users who don’t a full IDE but rather a lightweight standalone source editor.
The Visual Studio for Mac‘Compatibility is a key focus of Visual Studio for Mac. Although, it’s a new product and doesn’t support all of the Visual Studio project types, for those it does have in common it uses the same MSBuild solution and project format. If you have team members on MacOS and Windows, or switch between the two OSes yourself, you can seamlessly share your projects across platforms. There’s no need for any conversion or migration,’ Microsoft said in a statement.
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