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Instagram Testing School Stories Feature for Students


The Instagram Testing School Stories Feature for Students as reported by TechCrunch. The new feature was spotted by tipster Jane Manchun Wong, who shared screenshots of the code that mentioned the presence of a new Stories mode. While the Facebook-owned platform did not confirm details, this update is expected to allow users within a school to share Stories amongst each other.

From the code shared by Wong online, one can spot the words ‘add to school story description’. Further lines also claim that Instagram will allow community members, i.e., those who are part of the school, to view Stories. In addition, the images of code show that the social media platform will “manually review” school Stories to ensure that “the community is safe.” Besides this, Wong also spotted a URL-based feature, intended to allow deep sharing of Instagram Stories outside the platform. This is expected to help celebrities and businesses cross-post content. 

The Instagram school Stories feature had also been tested earlier this year when Instagram explored the possibility of a similar mode for college students. As per reports of the testing, not only could students view Stories within a community, but they were also able to search for them through community lists for direct messaging. A similar feature had been experimented by Snapchat, which came out with the ‘Our Campus Stories’ feature.

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