Instagram Introduces Polls Feature to Stories


Instagram Polls Feature: In the latest update to its mobile app, social network Instagram rolled out a new interactive polling feature for Instagram stories. In other words, it’s now possible to poll web users for their opinions on any subject, by adding a poll sticker to a photo or video.

Adding a poll to a story couldn’t be easier. After choosing a photo or video for your story, simply select the poll sticker then customize it with the question and poll answers (text or image) of your choice. The sticker can then be placed wherever you like on the image. Once you share the poll, you can follow the results in real time, and voters can see which answer is in the lead. Like other Instagram Stories, polls disappear after 24 hours.
Instagram’s aim is to offer a fun, interactive tool that lets users ask friends and followers simple questions — about what they should wear, for example (“Should I wear this dress or these jeans?”) or what to eat (“Should I finish this leftover pizza or cook some pasta?”). Brands may also see the function as a subtle way of gauging the opinions of their fans.