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India will account for 76% of the Disney+ base in APAC and 40% of revenues this year: MPA


According to the recent data revealed by Media Partners Asia (MPA), India will account for 76% of the Disney+ base in APAC and 40% of revenues this year. Disney+ will end 2021 with $1.2 billion in revenues from 66 million paying subs across APAC. As of 2020, Disney+ had 32 million APAC subs, generating $500 million in subscription and advertising (India only) revenues. Per MPA, Disney+ Hotstar, available in India and Indonesia with expansion planned to other APAC markets, will have 59 million customers this year. The service delivers sports and local and regional entertainment alongside the Disney+ franchises and additional U.S. fare.

MPA notes that Disney+’s gains outside of India will be driven by Indonesia and Australia/New Zealand, in addition to new launches in Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. Disney+ in APAC will have about 16 million customers by year-end, with revenues at some $700 million. In order to generate sustained growth in Korea, Indonesia, and Japan, investments in local content and a focus on telco and distribution alliances will be key. In India specifically, Disney+ Hotstar is set to have a good year thanks to a strong sports slate alongside an expanded roster of local and regional content.

In Australia and New Zealand, the Star brand is expected to help drive take-up and revenues, accounting for 6 percent of total APAC subs and 24 percent of revenues. A Korean launch is slated for June, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan, with North Asia set to account for 5 percent of subs and 20 percent of revenues. Southeast Asian expansion will also continue throughout 2021, with growth led by demand for both U.S. IP and local content. Southeast Asia will represent 13 percent of Disney+’s APAC subs and 16 percent of revenues.

Netflix will grow its APAC subs base from 25.5 million in 2020 to 33.3 million this year, with revenues rising from $2.4 billion to $3.3 billion, MPA projects. Japan and Korea will be key to the streamer’s gains. Japan will be Netflix’s largest revenue-generating market in the region this year and its biggest subscriber base in APAC, overtaking Australia. Korea remains Netflix’s third-biggest APAC market in terms of revenues. Netflix is also seeing continued gains in Southeast Asia, notably the Philippines and Thailand.

The service is benefiting from its broad content offering and its strong slate of local IP, especially in Japan and Korea. MPA projects that Netflix’s content investments on originals and acquisitions in Korea, Japan, and India will reach $1 billion this year. MPA estimates that some 39 percent of Netflix’s APAC subs are in North Asia, accounting for 44 percent of revenues. Australia represents about 23 percent of subs and 29 percent of revenues. Southeast Asia has about 19 percent of Netflix’s regional subs, delivering 16 percent of its APAC revenues. India stands at 18 percent of subs and 10 percent of revenues.

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