iBOMMA Warning to Telugu Film Industry Producers

iBOMMA Warning to Telugu Film Industry producers

iBOMMA Warning to Producers: In recent times, the Telugu film industry has witnessed a significant shift in the way movies are distributed and consumed. With the advent of online streaming platforms, the traditional cinema experience has evolved, bringing both opportunities and challenges. One such platform that has garnered attention, is iBOMMA. While it claims to provide a convenient and accessible way to watch films, its impact on the industry has been a subject of heated discussion. Some of the Telugu film industry producers tried to stop the website using a legal route. But, now iBOMMA Warning to Telugu Film Industry Producers and released a note.

A screenshot has surfaced, appearing to be an iBOMMA warning note to Telugu film producers, and it’s being widely shared on social media. In essence, the message seems to be a response to a recent film producer who attempted to take legal action against the iBOMMA. 


Note: iBOMMA Warning to Telugu Film Industry

iBOMMA Warning to Telugu Film Industry producers

Considering the matter in the iBOMMA Warning note released…

iBOMMA Warning note reads, “If you focus on Eyeball, we will focus where we need to.” iBOMMA letter further informed that the producers focus only on the pirated sites but not on the audience who record films in the cinema and also raised concerns over the exorbitant ticket prices. It stated that the audience is now reluctant to watch the films in theatre because of the high prices.

According to iBOMMA, if the actors and actresses stop charging high remuneration, then ticket prices will decline. It also urged the producers to stop spending so much on the abroad shootings and trips of the stars. It questioned the Telugu producers about how much remuneration they provide to the production and the other crew.

Focus on piracy sites that are releasing camera prints rather than on the front side. Vijay Deverakonda (Khushi movie released online) does not like to sacrifice another hero in the battle of the film industry. 

The iBOMMA further said in the note that the makers mount an unnecessary budget and then the distributors and theatre owners raise ticket prices to recover that money. In the end, it is the middle-class people that suffer. The iBOMMA note ends with another warning that informs, “There’s nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose.”

Some of the points raised by the iBOMMA are valid. To this end, some comments are being made to support them on social media. At the same time, how much is this warning letter? Has the actual piracy site been released? Or the people who are angry with the Telugu film industry in their name? There are many doubts rising. Let’s see what happens next.

A social media user tweeted a screenshot of this note and wrote, “iBOMMA warning to Telugu Film industry.”

The Twitter user also shared another note from the iBOMMA website. It informed that some fake piracy websites have used their brand name to release pirated versions of movies in India. The statement reads, “We want to clarify that our services are not available in India containing such prints, and we have no association with those fraudulent iBOMMA websites that are not under our ownership.”

Concerns of the Telugu Film Industry

The Telugu film industry has voiced several concerns regarding iBOMMA’s operations. These concerns revolve around issues such as revenue loss, piracy, and the quality of content being offered. To combat piracy and protect the interests of the film industry, legal actions have been taken against iBOMMA. These actions include takedown notices, lawsuits, and efforts to shut down the platform. Advancements in technology have played a pivotal role in the rise of platforms like iBOMMA.

Piracy Streaming services have become more sophisticated, making it challenging to curb piracy effectively. The revenue model of the Telugu film industry has been disrupted due to the availability of movies on iBOMMA. This has led to a reevaluation of distribution strategies. In response to the changing landscape, the industry is exploring alternative distribution models, including exclusive partnerships with streaming giants and direct-to-digital releases.

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