IBC-24 Anchor Surpreet Kaur Reads out Breaking News of Her Husband’s Death in Car Accident

The IBC-24 News Channel News Reporter Supreet Kaur Has Reported Breaking News of her husband’s death in Car Accident at Chattisgarh.Anchor Surpreet Kaur kept her composure during Saturday morning’s live news bulletin as a reporter phoned in details of a fatal accident involving a Renault Duster at Pithara in Mahasamund district earlier in the day.
Surpreet Kaur Reads out Breaking News of Her Husband Death in Car Accident
Supreet Kaur’s husband Harshad Kawade Daily travel along the same route in a Duster and that was enough for her to instant realize it could be her husband.However, she managed to hold herself together at least 10 minutes. She broke down once the cameras were off.
28-year-old Surpreet Kaur has been working as a news anchor with IBC 24 for the past 9 years and married Harsad Kawade only a year ago.The IBC24 editor said the channel was “extremely proud” of the way Kaur handled this most nightmarish of situations.

IBC 24 News Anchor Broke News of her Husband’s Death in Car Accident

“After she came out of the IBC-24 News studio she asked for more details about the car crash. The whole newsroom was suddenly plunged into sorrow,” said a colleague, Anshuman Sharma.
Many of her colleagues at the station got to know of the incident only when they overheard her frantically making calls.”As she took the photo she must have realized what had happened,” said another colleague Rajesh Mishra.”It was very courageous. We salute her spirit.”