I Love You Movie Review and Ratings by Movie Critics


I Love You Movie Review: The Upendra’s I Love You a romantic drama which has Rachita Ram and Sonu Gowda playing the female leads. Ravi Kale, Sayaji Shinde, Jai Jagadish, and many others are part of the supporting cast. The film has Dr. Kiran Thotambyle’s music, Sugden’s cinematography, and Deepu S Kumar’s editing. 

I Love You Movie Story:

The I Love You movie is about the clash of philosophies on love. Santhosh does not believe in the concept of love. According to him, love is the mask to fulfill the $exual desire. The Contradictory to his views, Dharmika (Rachita Ram) believes that true love exists. Love is nothing but the union of emotions of different individuals. At some point, they fall in love but gets separated. What happens when he meets Dharmika years later is the crux of the story.

I Love You Movie Review and Ratings

I Love You Movie Review by timesofindia: This film will work for fans of Upendra, R Chandru, and Rachita Ram. Go without expectations and you can come out pleasantly surprised.

I Love You Kannada Movie Review by filmibeat: As usual, a lot has been discussed about I Love You as it is Upendra’s film. Upon watching the trailer alone, a true Uppi fan will realize that it purely reflects this actor’s style. It is being said that the movie will change the existing trend in Sandalwood.