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Hyderabad Nawab Gang’s Bathukudama Song


Hyderabad Nawab Gang’s Bathukudama Song: Pramod Seshi Roy known as AsurA, an individual from Hyderabad based Telugu Hip-hop band nawab gang trends in youtube with the latest album unveiled a solitary titled ‘Bathukudama’ on May 11. The Telugu rap track was composed by Pramod in 2019 and he was unable to think about a superior time to unveil the track than the lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bathukudama song opens with a couple of squeezing inquiries concerning great administration, the plight of farmers, the education system, love, and living. The opening lines eeda rythu ki paniki rani sarkar enduku (for what reason do we need an administration which can’t deal with ranchers) proceeds with a large group of inquiries, for example, ‘what is the need of the training which doesn’t show endurance?’ and ‘why we crave for desire when there is love.’ Writer-artist Pramod goes to address what drives individuals to submit suicides.

Pramod says it is in each of us to bring about a change. “Why are we facing global warming and climate change? It is because of man’s greed. We aren’t satisfied. We want more all the time and in the process, we build factories, destroy jungles, and go about creating havoc for ourselves. My song is no revelation. I am not telling anything new. I am questioning the way we live,” he says.

Having released the song during the lockdown, Pramod hopes we will be more responsible towards everybody including ourselves. “Being responsible for ourselves means taking care of our surroundings, health, and staying safe. I also hope all of us will pay more attention to respecting women and their choices. The main motive of the song is to try and bring the change in mindsets of people,” says Pramod. The Hyderabad Nawab Gang’s Bathukudama music’s mix for the video is by Ricky B and designed by Pardhu.

Hyderabad Nawab Gang’s Bathukudama Song

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