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Hrithik Roshan Booked in Cheating Case by Hyderabad Police


Hrithik Roshan Booked in Cheating Case by Hyderabad Police, The brand ambassador of Cult.Fit and three others on a complaint filed by a gym user. The complainant said fitness centre enrolled the more people than it could accommodate and failed to give the slots as promised at the time of registration. He alleged that when he protested he was barred from using their app to book the slots.

KPHB Colony Police Station under Cyberabad Police commissionerate on Wednesday Hrithik Roshan Booked booked the case against and three officials of Cult.Fit Healthcare Private Limited on charges of cheating and criminal breach of trust. According to the Inspector K Laxmi Narayana, the person who had registered himself as a user of the Cult fitness centre in the KPHB 3rd Phase lodged the complaint that the company failed to keep its promise of daily work out sessions.

Shashikanth, who lodged the complaint with the police last month, alleged that he was not allotted a slot for the workout though he had paid a fee of Rs 17,490 in December last year. The GYM was offering weight loss packages for the Rs 17,490 to Rs 36,400 for one year. Shashikanth availed the discount offered at the time of the center’s launch. He claimed that since the company advertised guaranteed weight loss and daily work out sessions and with Hrithik Roshan acting as its brand ambassador, The large number of people registered themselves. The police officer said they were investigating the case.

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