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How to Win TikTok Users 1 Lakh Cash Prize


How to Win TikTok Users 1 Lakh Cash Prize: The Popular video-sharing app TikTok has regained its place as the top free app on Apple’s App Store and has made it among the top free apps on Google’s Play Store, second only to WhatsApp. The Tiktok app returned to stores on April 25, a day after the ban imposed by the Madras High Court was lifted. As a part of TikTok’s revival strategy, parent company Bytedance is offering three lucky users with the cash prizes of 1 lakh every day from May 1 through May 16 just for sharing #ReturnofTikTok microsite on social media that prompts users to download the tiktok app.

Owned by Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok claims to have over 120 million monthly active users in India. The TikTok App has added security features to the app since. Among the new features are notification controls to filter content based on the user and a device management tool to give control over logins and prevent hacks. An in-app quiz about online security has been added, which teaches users about internet safety.

TikTok is a growing platform, with over 50 crore downloads on Google Play Store. It uses algorithms in a similar fashion as YouTube to deliver a personalized feed to users and make viral trends. The Tik Tok app has led to the rise of ‘internet celebrities‘ and ‘influencers’ across the globe within a short period of time.

In an effort to boost the downloads after the app finally become available for download again in the app stores, TikTok launched a promotion on May 1 to incentivize sharing of links to download. How to Win TikTok Users 1 Lakh Cash Prize, The company is offering Rs. 1 lakh to three lucky people every day who share its special promotional microsite on social media. The promotional campaign will continue through May 16.

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