How to Use Paytm Without Internet Connection
How to Use Paytm Without Internet Connection

Paytm new feature that will allow anyone to make payments using a Paytm wallet without Internet Connection or smartphone. You will still need a smartphone in order to create your Paytm account, and link it to phone number and of course to load the funds into the wallet. However, you will have the option of How to Use Paytm without Internet Connection or smartphone to the make payments on a day to day basis. All you require is a working smartphone even if it is a feature phone.

Steps How to Use Paytm Without Internet:

  • Paytm Toll-Free Number: 1800 1800 1234
  • Call on the above number from your registered Paytm number.
  • You will listen to the voice, and you will be told that you haven’t set a PIN for your account.
  • Then the call will be ended.
  • Then you will receive a call from Paytm.
  • Choose Language by entering 1 for Hindi & 2 for English.
  • After that computerized lady will ask you to enter the PIN you want to set for your account.
  • Enter any four-digit number (remember this for the future transaction)
  • Now after entering a PIN, enter 1 to confirm.
  • Finally, you will be asked either to Pay someone or end call.

How to Send Money Through Paytm Toll-Free Number:

  • Now if you want to Pay someone (like shop keeper) then call toll free number.
  • Now choose 1 to pay someone and then enter their number.
  • After that confirm the number by pressing 1 and then enter the amount.
  • Press 1 to confirm the amount.
  • Your payment will be done and then you & receiver (shop keeper) will receive a message
  • for a successful transaction. (Paytm Introduced BHIM UPI Payments)

This might just be because of the initial rush for signups for the option of how to use Paytm without Internet and smartphone, but it paints a worrying picture – if someone is trying to make a payment using this method, they might not have access to other forms of online payments, and so if the system fails due to the troll-number being busy, it would be a huge problem.

I hope this post on How Paytm Offline Money Transfer via Toll-Free Number helped you in learning the simple way to send Paytm cash without having the internet connection by just calling Paytm toll-free number which by name depicts there will be no charge of calling this number. Enjoy & #PaytmKaro ;)

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