How to Turn on Instagram Data Saver Mode Android: Instagram is popular for showing photos of friends, and you can even chat with them whenever possible. But with multiple data-heavy features in tow, Instagram can be a pain when it comes to loading images in network limited areas for users. And to make this easy for its users, Facebook-owned platform is now giving people the option to save data on the app, which makes sure the images load quickly, even if the network in their area isn’t offering fast internet speeds. Instagram Data Saver Mode feature is rolling out to Android users across the globe and it will likely reach everyone over the course of the next week, the company mentioned in its statement.

How can I use less Data on Instagram?

By default, Instagram preloads videos so they start faster whenever possible. If you want to help reduce the amount of cellular data the Instagram app uses, you can choose not to have Instagram preload videos over cellular connections.

How to Turn On Instagram Data Saver Mode

  1. Go to your profile and tap.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Account > Cellular Data Use.
  4. Next to Use Less Data, tap to toggle on.

If you choose to use this setting, videos may take longer to load over a cellular connection. Choosing to use this setting won’t affect the way Instagram works when you’re using WiFi.

High-Resolution Media on Android Device:

If you have an Android device, once you’ve chosen to use the data saver setting, you can also choose when Instagram will show you high-resolution media.

To choose when Instagram will show you high-resolution media, follow the instructions above, tap High-Resolution Media and then tap:

  • Never: Instagram will never you show you high-resolution media.
  • WiFi Only: Instagram will only show you high-resolution media if your device is connected to WiFi.
  • Cellular + WiFi: Instagram will show you high-resolution media when your device is connected to either cellular data or WiFi.

This Instagram Data Saver Mode feature is targeted at countries where the network speeds and penetration is low compared to other countries. Instagram is rolling out this feature to users globally in the coming days and you might not see the option right away.