How To Receive Latest Fuel Prices on Mobile via SMS

How to receive latest fuel prices on mobile via sms
How to receive latest fuel prices on mobile via sms

How To Receive Latest Fuel Prices on Mobile: An SMS-based service by state-run Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) enables customers to receive the latest petrol and diesel prices on their mobile. The customer has to send an SMS to 9224992249 in a particular format to receive the desired information from Indian Oil, the country’s largest fuel retailer. Currently, petrol and diesel prices vary in different parts of the country.

Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, and Bharat Petroleum, which account for the majority of fuel stations in the country, review the retail rates on a daily basis and allow any revisions with effect from 6 am. Users are required to send an SMS to the number 9224992249 in the following format:


RSP<space>Petrol Pump Dealer Code

Here are 41 dealer codes that can be used to receive Latest Fuel Prices in that area: Here How To Receive Latest Fuel Prices Today On Your Mobile via SMS:

City SMS Text
New Delhi RSP 102072
Mumbai RSP 108412
Chennai RSP 133593
Kolkata RSP 119941
Agartala RSP 159850
Aizwal RSP 160181
Ambala RSP 102049
Bangalore RSP 118219
Bhopal RSP 169398
Bhubaneswar RSP 124305
Chandigarh RSP 102790
Daman RSP 177747
Dehradun RSP 161143
Faridabad RSP 102287
Gandhinagar RSP 218671
Gangtok RSP 159289
Ghaziabad RSP 154410
Gurgaon RSP 102082
Guwahati RSP 159571
Hyderabad RSP 134483
Imphal RSP 159875
Itanagar RSP 160647
Jaipur RSP 123143
Jammu RSP 108726
Jullunder RSP 108743
Kohima RSP 160154
Lucknow RSP 155054
Noida RSP 155444
Panjim RSP 125676
Patna RSP 166873
Pondicherry RSP 135299
Port Blair RSP 220191
Raipur RSP 169751
Ranchi RSP 166751
Shillong RSP 159828
Shimla RSP 109295
Silvasa RSP 112114
Srinagar RSP 109536
Trivandrum RSP 124923
Vijayawada RSP 127611
Visakhapatnam RSP 127290

The Indian Oil Corporation ltd facility responds by sending the desired information through an SMS on Mobile.