Hostel Daze Web Series Season 1 All Episodes Watch Online

Hostel Daze Web Series Online

Hostel Daze Web Series Season 1 All Episodes Watch Online Streaming at Amazon Prime Video. Hostel Daze Season 1 Starring LUV, Nikhil Vijay, Shubham Gaur, Adarsh Gourav, Ayushi Gupta, Ranjan Raj, Badri Chavan, Ahsaas Channa, Abhinav Anand, Biswapati Sarkar. Through the adventures of four friends ‘Hostel Daze’ captures what goes inside an engineering hostel in India. (Queen Web Series)

The name itself suggests that the story would be about the hostel life of students. As the story comes out of India and is even in Hindi, it is justified that the story will be based on the students’ hostel life in which they are broke, and have a lot to worry about, but they still manage to enjoy out of it. Also, we find some of the best friendship stories from the same vicinity, as people living together usually have that bond. (Ragini MMS 2)


Hostel Daze Web Series Review:

Hostel Daze watch online Season 1 Episode 1: Into –
Summary: The opening episode is more about the initial stage of how the roommates adjust in the same room with each other, as Ankit Pandey enters in his allotted room to find out that it already has Chirag and Jaat. He will be seen struggling to get himself adjusted. Also, the episode also has ragging, which is one of the funniest parts of any college story. However, ragging is illegal and it should not be promoted.

Hostel Daze Season 1 Episode 2: Proving Identity – 
Summary: The episode focuses more on the competitive environment of Indian colleges and universities, where students feel like they are lost as an average student.

Hostel Daze Season 1 Episode 3: F. O. S. L. A. – 
Summary: Ankit gets attracted to Akanksha, who is the crush of the whole college, and the story then begins on whether he manages to appease her or not.

Hostel Daze Web Series Season 1 Episode 4: GPL –
Summary: Ankit will be keeping his birthday secret from everyone because he does not want a session of GPL, which is simply birthday bums.

Hostel Daze Web Series Season 1 Episode 5: End Sem – 
Summary: Chirag would be not available, so Ankit and Jhantoo would be left on themselves to handle the pressure of the end semester examinations.