Hostages Season 2 Review – A crowded house and plenty of twists

Hostages Season 2 Review
Hostages Season 2 Review

Hostages Season 2 Review: HOSTAGES is one of the many shows that the Disney+ Hotstar and Applause Entertainment collab had announced. Along with OFFICE, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, and others, HOSTAGES is also part of the Hindi remake line-ups of hit foreign shows. It is the adaptation of an Israeli show by the same name. So does the second season of the Indian version manage to correct its past mistakes or decides to stay true to the original material irrespective of the criticism? Let’s find out.


Hostages Season 2 Story: The story takes off from where it ended at the end of season one. The many questions related to Prithvi Singh (Ronit Roy), Handa (Dalip Tahil), and the mysterious organization making killer moves get unaware here. The primary setting, however, involves a hostage situation in an old forbidden bungalow. Prithvi and his wife are unexpectedly stuck there. The whole building is surrounded by the police and army with no clue about who is inside. How Prithvi tackles the situation finds a way out is the primary plot of the second season of Hostages.

Hostages Season 2 REVIEW: ‘Hostages Season 2’ picks up from where Season 1 had left off. It shifts its attention from Dr. Anand’s family, who were held hostage by Singh and his gang in the previous season. This time around, the hostage-taker’s plan is a bit too personal — he needs the CM’s bone marrow to save his wife’s life.

But nothing goes as planned because of Saba’s (Shriswara Dubey) deteriorating health conditions and they now must halt their journey and take shelter in an abandoned house (Purani Kothi) on the Delhi-Gurgaon Highway. But that’s not all, the CM’s head of security, Subramanian (Mohan Kapur), hunts the gang down, and gunshots are fired which attracts local cops’ attention. Just as things get rolling, events conspire to set up a brand-new hostage situation — will Prithvi be successful in finding a way out of this mess and getting the bone marrow transplant for his wife?

Hostages Season 2 Verdict:  Hostages Season 2 is engaging and keeps its audience hooked while the battle between both sides is on — will the cops overpower these kidnappers or Prithvi & Co. will have it their way?

Hostages Season 2 Rating
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hostages-season-2-reviewHostages Season 2 is engaging and keeps its audience hooked while the battle between both sides is on

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