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Home Remedies Tips to Take Care of feet in Winter Season


We take proper care of our skin and hair during Winter season but often tends to ignore our feet. One should take special care of feet in winter season as it becomes drier as there are no oil glands present there and can lead to cracked heels. Here are some Simple Home Remedies Tips to take care of your feet:

Home Remedies Tips to take care of feet in Winter Season

Moisturize your feet: One should moisturize your feet twice a day with moisturizer to keep the feet from getting rough and dry.

Honey and warm water therapy: You can also soak your feet in warm water mixed with honey and gently scrub the affected area. Honey contains bactericidal and antiseptic properties in it which also acts as an effective moisturizing agent.

The Massage with olive oil: The Massage your feet with olive oil helps in moisturizing the cracked area along with stimulating the blood circulation. Olive oil also keeps the skin smooth and nourished.

Wear socks: One should always wear the cotton socks to aid good air circulation and also prevents the dry skin and keeps your feet moisturized lowering the risk of cracked heels.

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