hoichoi’s new freemium series ‘Turu Love’ Released in association with Senco Gold & Diamonds

Hoichoi to launch two web series Byomkesh season 4 & Dhaka Metro this Bengali New Year

hoichoi’s new web series, ‘Turu Love’ is a Valentine’s Day special content in association with Senco Gold & Diamonds, that is streaming for free on the platform. The freemium section of hoichoi has already gained huge attention with the release of its first free series ‘Fish & Chips’, in January. Turu Love’ is also the first-ever content released on hoichoi that has an integration of the brand promise of Senco Gold & Diamonds.

Featuring a set of fresh faces from the industry that includes Rishav Basu, Ushasi Ray, and Rajnandini Paul, the story is about the journey of realizing what ‘true love’ is. The plot revolves around Aritra (Rishav Basu), a small-town boy who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. However, his bubble is burst when Tiyasha (Rajnandini Paul), his bride-to-be, gives him a reality check that prompts him to move to the city and be a self-made man; where he meets Brinda (Ushasi Ray), who helps him on his journey to the perfect proposal.


What ensues is a comedy of errors in the search for love and friendship coupled in a coming-of-age story. The series is directed by Abhijit Chowdhury who has previously directed Manbhanjan, Astey Ladies, and Eken Babu O Dhaka Rahasya for hoichoi. This is Rishav Basu and Ushashi Ray’s first association with hoichoi, while Rajnandini Paul has returned to work for the platform again after delivering Paanch Phoron. Mixed with various elements of love, comedy, and complications, Turu Love promises to be your perfect Valentine’s day watch.

Speaking about the association, Soumya Mukherjee, hoichoi’s Revenue and Strategy Head said, “hoichoi has always been enthusiastic in taking new initiatives and looking into opportunities. Turu Love has a strong brand integration but the same has been done in a subtle manner, that does justice to both the Content and the Brand message. We are looking to tell more stories through brand associations in a similar format. In addition to the strategic partnership with Senco Gold & Diamonds, we have also decided to make the content free for all. Fish & Chips has already gained huge attraction and viewership after it streamed free from the platform. We are keen on attracting non-subscribers to pay attention to our content bouquet. Turu Love is already streaming, and we hope the audience will like the story appropriately done to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Joyeeta Sen, Director of Senco Gold & Diamonds added, “Senco Gold and Diamonds is all about “karigari” and jewellery of relationships, creating memories and love. Valentine’s Day is one such day in the year where we celebrate the love in many relationships. We have collaborated with hoichoi to create a series ‘Turu Love’ on the fresh feeling of falling in love, and how jewelry is an integral part of expressing that love to your partner. Senco Gold Perfect Love diamonds will pave the perfect way to declare your love as it’s the perfect cut that makes it one of the rarest diamonds which is part of less than 1% of diamonds in the world. Looking forward to the audience feedback!”

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