Hilarious Video : Chewbacca Mask Made Sets Facebook Trend

Washington: Do you remember Chewbacca alias Star War’s Chewie? Well, the character created a buzz across social media platforms a few days back. The Wookiee broke all records when a 37-year-old mother wore a Chewbacca mask and captured the hilarious episode live on Facebook.
A mother of two, Candace Payne from Texas, who bought an electronic Chewbacca mask from a general store on her birthday, took to Facebook’s brand new live streaming application and recorded a four minute video which was very hilarious.

This Woman’s Chewbacca Mask Made Her Laugh Hysterically

In the video, she is seen wearing the mask which makes a grunting sound. Her attempt at doing a chewie on screen impressed a large number of people as the video has 50 million views on Facebook. Laughing her heart out, she said in the video, “This mask is worth every penny. See, I am such a happy Chewbacca!”
People, moved by the video, thanked Candace for making them roll on the floor with laughter. According to a report, it is the most watched video on Facebook. The video has also affected the sale of Chewbacca masks positively. “Chewie masks are now in demand,” said a representative of the departmental store from where Candace bought the mask.

Very Funny!!! This Woman’s Chewbacca Mask Made Her Laugh Hysterically! Viral Video