10 Hidden Google Games to Play Free When You Feel Bored!

These top hidden Google games are perfect for quick entertainment breaks and can be enjoyed without leaving your browser.

hidden google games

Google has some excellent hidden games. Know the games to play when bored on Google. Play the top 10 hidden Google games for free listed below. Everyone likes playing video games. Some may use PlayStation to play games. However, it is very costly and not easy for anyone to buy. The game also has GB data which needs more space. And some people will play through various websites on Google. But these websites have hidden charges once you enter the game. 

List of 10 Hidden Google Games You Should Play

If you are bored of surfing Google and want refreshments, Google has provided some free fun games. You can play these hidden Google games for free. These completely create excitement and are free of cost. Anyone can easily learn these games. These games are available on all the Google platforms like Google Search, Google Doodle, and Google Maps.


There is no need to install these hidden games in Google. No free space on your mobile or PC is required. Also, the great thing is you do not need to wait while the game loads. You can simply search these games with a few keywords. Do bookmark this page as we have compiled all Google hidden games. Here you go. List of Hidden Google Games for Free Fun You Must Try Now!

Google Dinosaur Game:

It is also called the T-Rex game. Almost everyone knows this game. Remember when you get offline a dinosaur comes on the screen. Ya, that is the Dine game. The funny thing is you have to go offline to play this game. Just switch off the network and press the spacebar, and you will get the Dino on screen.

It’s a simple game, you just need to press the spacebar whenever an obstacle like bushes comes your way. The speed of Dino increases as you move on and makes the game more interesting. Try as much as you can to skip the obstacles and score more. The game ends when you dodge an obstacle. Click the picture below to play the Dino Game.

Google dinosaur game

Google Solitaire:

Solitaire is an old classic card game. Almost everyone knows this game. It is a simple loving game. If you are fond of playing card games then it is for you. This game has different difficulty levels like easy, medium, and hard. You can select as per your wish. You need to arrange the cards so that all the cards available will be stacked into 4 piles.

You need to arrange the cards from ACE to King in ascending order i.e., first King and last is ACE. And one more thing is that all the cards should be arranged in alternative colours such as Red and Black. If you succeed in arranging 4 piles, you are the winner. If you lack available cards and there is a further move you can make then that is the Game Over. Click the picture below to play Solitaire Game.

Google solitaire

Pac-Man Game:

This is another old classic game. Everyone has played this game in a lifetime at least once or else has heard of this game. This is a thrilling game with many twists. In 2010 on the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man game, Google made a doodle. When you level up difficulty increases for each level. The game has different mazes in each level. And yellow dots/ food is there along the path. As a Pac-Man, you need to eat all the yellow dots.

But as an obstacle, 4 types of ghosts always try to eat Pac-Man. Those are the Red coloured Blinky, Pink coloured Pinky, Cyan coloured Inky, and Orange coloured Clyde. Don’t come across ghosts, if so it is Game Over. If you eat all the yellow dots and try to escape from ghosts then you advance to the next level where it is more challenging with different maze structures. Click the picture below to play the Pac-Man game.

Pac man game

Snake Game by Google:

Do you remember the Nokia 3310 phone where you played the classic snake game? It was available on other Nokia mobiles too. These games give us nostalgia when we play. Another old classic game is now available on Google too. It is fun to see a snake eating eggs and tail length increasing. It becomes difficult as the game proceeds. You just need to use arrow keys to turn the snake to eat eggs that randomly appear on the screen.

A snake eats an egg, its length increases. You should not hit the walls and one snake can not get in touch with another snake. Also when the snake’s length increases, sometimes when you turn, the head may touch the tail. In all these cases it is a game over. There are more difficulty levels where you need to escape from the maze walls. It is completely your wish how to play the game. But try all the difficult levels. It’s fun. Click the picture below to play the Snake Game on Google.

snake game by google

Basketball 2012 Doodle:

Do you love basketball? You want to play online. Then this is the best game to play on Google. In 2012, billions of people had played this game. It is a simple shootout game where you throw the ball into the nest. You just search in Google with the keyword ‘basketball 2012’ and you will find the game. Press the spacebar, the power meter will go high and build the power then release the spacebar, it will shoot automatically. It is just predicting the right timing to win the game. Click the picture below to play the Basketball Game on Google.

Basketball 2012 doodle

Google Tic Tac Toe Game:

This classic board game all of us used to play in our childhood. Do you remember how we fought like hell to win this game? It is a fun 2-player game you can play online. You play with the computer. There are different difficulty levels, you can choose one. You need to match either ‘X’ or ‘O’ in a row or column. When you match one symbol in a row or column, you win the game.  There are not many rules. Click the picture below to play the Tic Tac Toe game on Google.

Tic tac toe game

Google Zerg Rush:

It is a ball-tapping game. It is more fun to pop the balls. In Google you type Zerg Rush, then some yellow coloured balls will fall from all the corners of the screen. When any ball touches the search results the links of the result start disappearing. You need to stop those balls from touching the links by tapping or clicking the balls. Remember many balls come from all the corners of the screen. You need to be fast enough to win the game. If you fail to stop the balls and all links disappear you lose. Click the picture below to play the Zerg Rush game online.

Zerg rush google

Doodle Cricket:

Do you like cricket? Have you played physically? Have you played the Cricket 11 video game? If yes then it is for you. It is a simple yet fun game of cricket. Type ‘cricket game’ in Google, and you will find it.

If a player throws a ball at you you need to tap the bat button at the correct time. According to your time score will automatically display on the screen. It completely depends on your timing. You time it and you win it. It is a fun game to play if you get bored of playing routine games. Click the picture below to play the Doodle Cricket game.

Doodle cricket

Pony Express Game:

This is too old a game in Latin countries. It is also an entertaining game. Pony means horse and Express means mail. That means we ride a horse and collect envelopes or letters. You need to collect the envelopes out of 100. In between obstacles you need to face bushes, rivers snowballs etc. You need to avoid these, collect as many envelopes as you can, and finish the line. It is a good game to play when you get bored. You just need to move UP and DOWN to avoid obstacles. Click the picture below to play the Pony Express game.

Pony Express Game

Garden Gnomes Game:

The Garden Gnome game was introduced in Google in 2018 when Germany celebrated The Garden Day. Hit the spacebar and make the gnome plow the ground. When it hits the ground, the gnome will bounce depending on how it lands, but there are also logs and mushrooms to help propel it even farther. Logs will shoot out of the gnome for more distance while mushrooms will let it bounce. It is a fun game to play when you get bored. Click the picture below to play the Garden Gnomes game.

Garden gnomes game


Everybody likes computer games but is unable to install heavy packages of games in GBs. One may have that much space. So we have compiled all the hidden games in Google in this article. There are many free games on Google. But we have given the top 10 hidden games to play when bored on Google. These are secret games in Google because these games are introduced on some occasional days as Doodles.

You just save this link and come to this page where you can be directly redirected to the game page by just clicking the picture of the game you want to play. These hidden Google games are a fun way to pass the time and showcase Google’s playful side. Happy gaming!

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