Hanu-Man First Look: Teja Sajja as Hanumanthu

Hanumanthu First Look from Hanu-Man, The First SuperHero Pan-India Film Telugu-Tamil-Kannada-Malayalam-Hindi

Hanu-man first look

On Saturday, September 18, the makers revealed Hanu-Man First Look Poster. Hanu-Man is another pan-India superhero film is being made by Telugu director Prasanth Varma and will release in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi.

By Going, Hanu-Man First Look Poster Features Teja Sajja looks apt in the role with an appealing hairdo, mustache, and beard. His dressing is also atypical and eye-catching. Gazing seriously at his mark, Teja Sajja appears with a slingshot in his hand in a forest backdrop.


Hanu-Man First Look Teaser:

The makers have also released Hanumanthu’s intro video that showcases the world of Anjanadri which is a visual feast. The dense forest, waterfalls, Actor Teja Sajja’s heroic acts make it worth all the hype on the glimpse. The Hanu-Man background score is riveting and exceptionally complements the visuals.

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