Google Doodle Thanks Doctors, Nurses, Medical Workers

Google Doodle Thanks Doctors

Google Doodle Thanks Doctors, Nurses, Medical Workers: As the world reels under the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the Google Doodle on Monday lauded the selfless service of medical professionals with a ‘thank you’ note for them. “To all doctors, nurses and medical workers, thank you,” the Google doodle says. The colorful doodle on its homepage also has a heart emoji, for those who are helping in the fight to contain the disease. According to reports, Google will honour the coronavirus fighters with a series of news doodles ver the next two weeks.

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Google Doodle Thanks Doctors, Nurses, Medical Workers

Last week, with a tagline ‘Stay Home. Save Lives’, the Google search engine giant had dedicated its doodle to the preventive measures that could help to curb the spread of coronavirus. The doodle had animated letters of the word ‘Google’ engaged in different activities, including reading, singing, working-out that one could take up while confined in their homes.

Google wrote, “As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. We’re launching a Google Doodle series to recognize and honour many of those on the front lines.” The series will thank “coronavirus helpers” like doctors, scientists, teachers, social workers and all those who are ensuring the delivery of the essential goods and services.

The COVID-19 case was first reported from the central Chinese city of Wuhan which became the epicenter of the highly infectious virus. However, with the rising numbers of cases in the US, the epicenter has now shifted. More than 18 lakh people have been tested positive for #coronavirus worldwide.