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Google.com Rolls out Feed Globally on Android


The Google is always busy improving its services to make them relevant in a world flooded with third party apps. The latest example of that is their move to revamp their Google app for Android and turn it into a personalized feed with all things relevant to the user.
The latest update to the Google app brings in cards that show latest sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories related to the user’s interest and more. For India, Google has ensured that the app will be available in English and Hindi for catering to the vast population diversity.
Google Feed will have four major additions, starting with Follow Topics which lets you follow a topic of your interest and will show all the information related to it. Then there’s a Deep Dive feature that lets you access more information on a card by tapping on it. The feed will also show contextual information related to your search term. And, you can also put in your interests to let it dig the web for entertaining you with all that you need, nothing you don’t.
If you previously used the Google Now app, then you must be thinking that all of these are merely updates to already available features, which it actually is. The only difference is in the perception of its user experience — it feels more customised for the user. If you haven’t got the update yet, keep checking your app updates section in the PlayStore.

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