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Google Chrome Ad Blocking Expands Worldwide from July 9th


The Google Chrome Ad Blocking Expands Worldwide from July 9th, which will affect sites that repeatedly show disruptive ads. In February 2018, Google rolled out an update to Chrome designed to block abusive ad experiences. The initial update only affected sites in North America and Europe. As of July 9, the same Google Chrome ad blocking practices will affect sites in all countries.

Google follows the ‘Better Ads Standards’ when determining which websites to filter ads on in Google Chrome, which was developed by the Coalition for Better Ads. The Better Ads Standards consists of 12 ad experiences that research found to be particularly annoying to users. When Better Ads Standards were first developed they only applied to sites in North America and Europe.

Once the filter is enabled worldwide, Google will block out 12 different types of ads that users might find annoying to deal with. This includes pop-ups, auto-playing videos, full-screen ads, and prestitial ads that appear before the content of page loads. Google says that if a website is found to be repeatedly displaying any of the ad types that are blocked by the filter, it will stop display all ads on its pages. The Google is giving publishers and advertisers tools to access if their current ads would pass the filter.

Google Chrome Ad Blocking Expands Worldwide

The Google introduced the ad filtering process to Chrome for users in the US, Canda, and Europe some time ago. The Google claims that the filter system has pushed a significant number of publishers to adopt better ads. Google also reported that less than one percent of sites have had their ads filtered, this means most of the sites on the web are avoiding annoying and intrusive advertisements.

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