GoDaddy Launches Flare Mobile App to Help Entrepreneurs Ideas

Flare Mobile App: The Top Domain and the web hosting company GoDaddy have launched a mobile app to its users called as Flare app. As this application has been launched with an aim to help the Indian young Entrepreneurs and to bring out the business ideas of their life and make a bright career. As this Flare application is completely made the users into a community where they can follow the business ideas or else they can create new ideas or concepts with the members of the community like their friends, entrepreneurs and experts that can help and take new concepts of their a step forward.
GoDaddy Launches Flare Mobile App
Flare App 

GoDaddy Launches Flare App to Help Entrepreneurs Ideas

As this Flare Mobile app is the first king of an application which is helping and empowering the people to share their ideas and get guidance from their friends or relatives in the community.  Flare will include a feature ‘Top Charts’ that helps to make it easier for entrepreneurs to gain supporters for their ideas.
Flare app community will be displaying the most popular 20 business ideas on the given day for the giving users who may have missed the idea in its validation stage and will provide a feedback. As the features of the application are very simple, easy to use , user-friendly and have elegant interface same like popular social media feeds. The app has options for users to swipe left to “skip,” swipe right to “snooze” or tap to learn more and “love” an idea.

Rajiv Sodhi,  Managing Director, and Vice President at GoDaddy India and Australia told that We are committed to developing innovative technologies, products, and tools designed to empower entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses to communicate, collaborate and grow their businesses.


Flare App Features:

  • A simple, easy-to-use, elegant interface reminiscent of popular social media feeds
  • Quickly give feedback by swiping left/right to dismiss or be reminded of an idea if it becomes popular
  • Tap on an idea to learn more. Love an idea to follow its progress and shape its direction
  • Entrepreneurs and followers can post comments, questions, and updates to promote more engagement and interaction
  • Spread ideas by easily sharing them via social media
  • Explore ideas that are nearby
  • Quickly poll your followers for directional feedback regarding pricing, desirability, feasibility, among other things
  • See all of your followers, across all ideas, and their expertise
  • Gauge interest of your followers in being future customers via pledging.

The Flare App has been featured and is available for free to download in the Apple App Store for ios devices and Google Play for Android in India. Stay tuned for more updates: IndianTalks
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