Gaddi Thintava Song Video from Powerstar Movie


Gaddi Thintava Song video from RGV’s Powerstar Telugu Movie 2020 starring PK, MS, NB, TS, a Russian woman & four children. Power star movie is directed by RGV / Ram Gopal Varma. Gaddi Thintava song showcases the film’s protagonist spending some time with the cattle in his farmland. Ram Gopal Varma, who tagged a price even to watch the trailer of this film, has surprisingly released the song for free.

As guessed by many, this Gaddi Thintava song video goes like a conversation between Pawan Kalyan and buffaloes in his private space. He shares all his pains with the animals and plants in his farmhouse and also gets a response from them. The funniest part is the buffalo and the tree responding to him after understanding his sorrow.


Watch Gaddi Thintava Song video 

The Gaddi Thintava song music and orchestra are impressive adding more to the sarcasm. The Gaddi Thintava song rendered in Pawan Kalyan’s mimicked voice brings all the fun and exclusivity. The visuals and the vocals are an imitation of none other than Power Star Pawan Kalyan, whom Ram Gopal Varma is targeting through this film. Whether the PowerStar movie manages to create any buzz when it releases on July 25 remains to be seen. Watch Powerstar Full Movie online on RGV World Theatre.

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