GaddalaKonda Ganesh Review and Rating Hit or Flop Talk

GaddalaKonda Ganesh Review
GaddalaKonda Ganesh Review

Director Harish Shankar’s Telugu movie Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) starring Varun Tej, Atharvaa, Pooja Hegde and Mirnalini Ravi. Valmiki aka Gaddalakonda Ganesh, which is a remake of Tamil movie Jigarthanda, hit the screens across the globe on Friday. Days before its release, Boya Valmiki community had filed a case against using Valmiki’s name for a movie title. Court had ordered the movie unit to change the title after hearing both parties. Gaddalakonda Ganesh Review and Ratings has received a positive talk from the audience.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh Story:

If you go into the story, Gaddhala Konda Ganesh (Varun Tej) is a famous gangster. In the same vein, Abhilash (Atharva) challenges him to make a number of attempts to become a director in one year with his family. Gaddhalakonda follows Ganesh, hoping to make the story of a true gangster so sweet. Did he make a film with Atharva Ganesh? Who was this guy who was originally Gaddhalakonda and why did he do that?

Gaddalakonda Ganesh Review:

Gaddhalakonda Ganesh is a raw, gripping tale of a rural gangster seen from the eyes of a maiden film director. Though the story appears a typical mass one, it has wider span and the unorthodox storytelling makes it more interesting. Varun Tej excelled in his first mass outing. All ingredients associated with commercial cinema are mixed and served efficiently. You may watch this out and out the commercial toned film.

Gaddhalakonda Ganesh Verdict:

Director Harish Shankar designed Varun Tej’s character in a massy manner and looks like Varun also delivered his career-best for the role. The film “Gaddhala Konda Ganesh” is a mass comedy entertainer. Varun Tej’s acting and the scenes that elevate him have impressed the audience, but the lack of emotion in the film’s narrative is disappointing. Overall, the Gaddalakonda Ganesh movie will be on average.