Ford India Shuts Down Manufacturing Units

Ford india shuts down manufacturing units

Ford India Shuts Down: The first meeting between the Ford India management and Union remained deadlocked after the union insisted that they prefer to work with minimum wages which could help the beleaguered automaker to tide over losses, instead of a golden handshake.

Ford India Shuts Down Manufacturing Units:

According to sources, the 2638 people currently working in the Ford India plant in the outskirts of Chennai will be affected by the management’s decision to shut operations. “The union was not consulted before the management announced the shutdown. Now they are saying they will not reconsider their decision to stop production. But the union is looking for employment, not a severance package,” said a union source.


The union has also indicated that it is willing to work with minimum wages for the next two years in order to reduce losses and allow the company to turn around. The discussions will continue on Tuesday.

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