Filmymoji – Telugu YouTube Channel Become A Household Name

How did Filmymoji become such a successful Telugu YouTube channel? Learn about the rise of this household name and join the millions of followers.

Filmymoji telugu youtube channel
Image Credit: Filmymoji

Filmymoji, A Telugu comedy YouTube channel started by educationist Karthik Chirra, is popular for its animated content. Within a short span since its inception, the Telugu Comedy Youtube Channel Filmymoji has garnered 1.5 million subscribers and the founder is extremely happy about it.

Talking about how he ventured into this, Karthik Chirra explains, “I started the Filmymoji Youtube channel in 2018. Before entering into this, I have 19 years of experience as an educationist and run the International Academy of Computer Graphics (IACG), a chain of multimedia colleges in Hyderabad. In every batch, I came across students who were inclined toward cinema, and I was amazed at the passion that they had.


Karthik also came across people who were talented but had poor communication skills and would shy away from talking. “A combination of these two made me think that I can show a path to such people. At that time, iPhone X was launched. To create a one-minute animated video, nearly 15 people have to work on that for three days, but iPhone X made it very easy. They introduced ‘Animoji’ and ‘Emoji’ features where the face can be animated and voice and body will be of the same person; we started using that and made videos.”


Initially, the Filmymoji channel brought out comedy videos, like in TikTok, but that did not fetch them, subscribers. So they revamped it and came out with fresh, original content last year, which made them trend on YouTube. “Original content is the king we realized that much later. We started anew in 2020, and released a video on Ganesh which became viral; we had a tremendous increase in subscribers with that video. Since then, there was no looking back,” says Sai Kiran Andaluri, content creator of Filmymoji who also enacts eight characters in the channel.

On average, in a month Filmymoji is getting one-and-a-half lakh subscribers and the team has grown from four to ten people. Some of its hit programs are ‘Bobby vs Baby’, and ‘Middle-class Madhu’ (the real-life story of Sai Kiran). The Filmymoji channel also picks up content depending on the current situation and hot topics in society. During the pandemic, they came up with ‘Work From Home’ from Mahishmathi, which was a big hit, and then a parody of ‘Bigg Boss’ – the concept was exactly opposite to the original show, where people were kept in huts with no facilities.

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Once you get success, there are many competitors. “Once our channel clicked, I came across 26 channels which copied us. The funny part is we received a mail asking for our trade secrets,” laughs Karthik, adding that Filmymoji was hacked twice from Russia.

“I genuinely want to help true talent, since I create, I know the mindset of an artist. They are poor with communications and finance, and I want to change this. I want to create a platform for creators without involving huge revenues,” concludes Karthik.

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