Facebook Analytics Tool Shutting Down After 30 June 2021

Why is the Facebook Analytics tool going away after June 30, 2021?

Facebook analytics tool shutting down after 30 june 2021

Facebook recently announced the shutting down of their much-discussed Facebook Analytics tool after June 30, 2021. If you’re an agency or a small business especially if you’ve jumped on the “Facebook for e-commerce” train in recent years this might sound kinda scary. In Statement Facebook Said, After 30 June 2021, Facebook Analytics Tool will no longer be available. Facebook Analytics Tool has provided reporting about your website, mobile app, Facebook Page, and Instagram profile depending on your account setup.

Why is Facebook Analytics Tool Shutting Down?

According to a report in Ad Exchanger, Facebook Insights and Facebook Analytics were not as useful as many other analytics tools. Reportedly, a number of businesses used tools like Amplitude or Mixpanel more than Facebook Analytics.


While Facebook Analytics, the individual tool, is going away, these alternatives continue to be available: Events Manager, Facebook Business Suite Insights, Ads Manager, Page Insights, Instagram Insights, and more. If you currently use or have previously used Facebook Analytics Tool, Recommend that you prepare by taking the following actions:

  1. Visit your Facebook Analytics account(s):
    Explore the information and insights that are provided before the product is no longer available. Go to Facebook Analytics
  2. Download details for future reference:
    Until the end of June, you will still be able to access reports, export charts and tables, and review insights. Export and download data
  3. Visit our Business Help Centre:
    Learn more about this change and alternative measurement tools.
    Visit Help Centre.
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