Erotikaland World’s first Sex Themed Park to open in Brazil 2018

Erotikaland Sex Themed Park: Nowadays people openly talk about sex and it’s no more a taboo topic, but who would have thought that sex could also be used for a creative business purpose as well. Brazil is all set to welcome the world’s first ‘sex theme park’, slated to open in 2018. This park promises to set you in a steamy mood.This adults-only theme park called Erotikaland will be built near Piracicaba, which is approximately a 2hours’ drive from Sao Paulo.

Erotikaland World’s first “Sex Themed Park” Brazil in 2018

The part will have various entertainment facilities like bumper cars shaped like genitalia, ‘7D’ cinema with vibrating seats, a ‘train of pleasure’ staffed by gogo girls and boys and also a nudist pool. Now doesn’t that sound hot and steamy?As per the report by The New York Times, the entry fee of the park will be $100. The visitors will also have access to an aphrodisiac store, however, sex inside the park will not be allowed.
Visitors who wish to be intimate will have the facility to book a room in the motel, run by the park. Visitors will also be able to tour a museum exploring the history of sexuality and employees will promote condom use.Though some are liking the idea of this sex park, there are some who are criticizing the idea with Matheus Erler, a Christian Socialist Party member and leader of the Piracicaba City Council, telling reporters “we cannot be known as the capital of sex”, according to the paper.
The project has furthermore fuelled a general debate over public displays of sexuality in Brazil. Critics are worried the park would attract debauched individuals and are seeking to block the project.”This won’t be a place for guns, but it’s not like we’re trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah. If attendees want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel – which we will operate,” said Project leader Mr. Matheus Erler
Erler also said that the park will be creating 250 jobs and will be promoting safe sex.BonBon-Land in Denmark, The Holy Land Experience in Florida, The Rubbish Dump and the Skid Mark roller-coaster, Pedroland, in South Carolina are some of the bizarre theme parks around the world.
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