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Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge Nears Completion


Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge: The construction of Extra Dosed Cable-Stayed Bridge across the Durgam Cheruvu in Hyderabad is expected to be completed next year. With this new bridge, Durgam Cheruvu located in Jubilee Hills would connect with Financial District and ease traffic congestion in the area. It would also become a major tourist attraction. Officials working on the project say a total of 26 cables would support the bridge. Of this ninth cable has been installed recently.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and L&T are involved in the project. The cable-stayed bridge will ease traffic congestion on the roads leading to Jubliee Hills road number 36 and 45 and other stretches, which lead to Mind Space, Financial District, and Gachibowli areas.

Now it takes 30 to 45 minutes to reach Hitec City and Mind Space from Madhapur during peak hours. Once the bridge is ready, the distance could be covered in 10 minutes and there would also be a reduction of 2.5 to 3 km to reach Hitec City and Mind Space by avoiding the busy Madhapur road.

The sizes of the cables vary from 23 meters to 104 meters. GHMC officials told siasat.com that cable bridge was equipped with 233.8 meters long span. The 754.38 meters cable bridge would cost about Rs 184 Crore. The cables being used for the bridge have been tested in the special lab in Germany for fatigue and have received approval.

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