The much-awaited Dorasaani Movie Trailer has released out much to the excitement of the fans. Dorasani Movie Cast Anand Deverakonda and Shivathmika Rajasekhar will be making their debut with this movie. Dorasaani Telugu Movie happens to be a period drama which depicts the issue of societal differences through the medium of a beautiful love story. While Anand Deverakonda plays the role of the son of a poor worker, Shivathmika plays the role of the daughter of a rich village head.

By having a look at the Dorasaani Movie Trailer, it can be said that Dorasaani is a romantic drama which showcases the story of two individuals who hail from contrasting worlds and fall into the trap of the issue of differences in social status. Dorasaani movie has created a lot of buzz in the media ever since its inception. The reason behind this is quite obvious as debutant Anand Deverakonda happens to be the younger brother of Vijay Deverakonda. On the other hand, Shivathmika is the daughter of popular actor Rajasekhar.

This is the reason why the fans are eagerly waiting for Dorasaani Movie release. The Film was directed by KV Mahendra and is produced the by Yash Rangineni and Madhura Sridhar. Venkat Siddareddy is its Executive Producer. Dorasaani Movie Songs and Background Music is by Prashanth R Vihari, while cinematography is by Sunny Kurapati. Navin Nooli has done the editing. Art Direction is by JK Murthy. It will be interesting to see whether newbies Anand and Sivathmika will keep up to the expectations of the fans or not. The Dorasaani love story will hit the screens on July 12.