Disha Encounter Movie Trailer Review – Replay of Horrifying gang rape incident


Ram Gopal Varma has released Disha Encounter Movie Trailer via his Twitter today morning. Disha Encounter A film based on the 2019 gang assault and subsequent slaughter of a young woman of a 26-year-old veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. DISHA gang assault and slaughter on NOVEMBER 26th 2019 shocked the whole country when 4 guys in a Lorry targeted a Scooty driving young woman and brutalized her crossing the upper limits in the crime history of India.

Disha Encounter Movie Trailer features four lorry drivers who target a Scooty driving young lady called ‘Disha’. It was at that moment, a heinous thought of raping her stems in their minds. The Scooty will be deliberately punctured at around 7 pm and kidnapped in the direction of a lorry. She will be brutally gang-raped and then her body is brought in, slaughtered, and set ablaze with fire while they poured petrol.


Although not even a single dialogue is heard, it made a significant impact with the dreadful engaging visuals by DOP Jagadeesh Cheekati and haunting music by D.S.R. It starts with growling vocals `Disha Disha’ in an aggressive tone and later progresses with an emotional alaap. At last, the public is heard uttering `we want justice’ in the backdrop of few bullet sounds in the Disha Encounter Movie Trailer.

Watch Disha Encounter Movie Trailer 

The Disha Encounter film stars Sonia Akula as the female lead. In the latest tweet, RGV revealed that Disha in DISHA ENCOUNTER is played by SONIA AKULA whose terrific performance gave life to this heart-wrenching story ..Sonia is also the founder of AASA an NGO (Action Aid for Societal Advancement). She is notably playing the victim in Disha Encounter.

The Disha Encounter Movie is directed by Anand Chandra stars Srikanth Iyengar, Sonia Akula, Praveen Raj in key roles. It is produced by Natti Kranthi and Natti Karuna in collaboration with Anuraag Kancharla and Ram Gopal Varma productions, while the associate producer is Shekar Raju. According to RGV, his film Disha Encounter is being shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu, and will also be dubbed into other regional languages. Disha Encounter full Movie releasing on NOVEMBER 26th 2020. the day of the Disha incident.

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