Dear Dad Movie Review Rating Hit or Flop Talk- Arvind Swamy Back Again

Dear Dad Movie Review Rating : Arvind Swamy’s return to Bollywood really got me excited to watch this film. Directed by Tanuj Bhramar, Dear Dad is a film about opening up about yourself to the ones that matter to you. There are a very few films that revolve around the relationship of a father and a son, and that’s the highlight of this film. Let’s find out if the story manages to harp on the right chords. Dear Dad starring : Arvind Swamy, Himanshu Sharma, Ekavali Khanna & Aman Uppal.

Story : Nitin (Arvind Swamy) sets out on a road trip to Mussoorie with his teenage son Shivam (Himanshu Sharma), who studies in a boarding school there. The father-son duo shares a sweet-and-slightly-awkward equation. The generation gap between the two is evident, yet Nitin tries his best to connect and keep up with his son. Nitin has a purpose in mind when he takes this trip with his son – to come out of the closet. How will Shivam react on hearing this shocking revelation about his father? What will happen to the perfectly happy family? And why did it take Nitin so long to realize this? These are the questions whose answers you will look forward to in the movie.

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Dear Dad Movie Review Rating Hit or Flop Public Talk Arvind Swamy Back Again – Dear Dad Movie Rating – 4/5 :

Dear Dad Moviie Review: It takes guts for the father of a teenaged boy to come out of the closet. And even more, to profess the truth to him. The kid, who fancies looking at adult magazines and has a crush on a girl from the neighbouring school, is shattered when he discovers why his parents are getting a divorce. Director Tanuj Bhramar whips up a charming story that effectively beats the stigma of homosexuality. He paints a poignant tale filled with warmth and some genuine sweet moments. 

 Analysis: 45-year-old Nitin embarks on a journey with his 14-year-old son Shivam, to reveal the truth about his identity and the struggle he has been going through for all these years. It is a short and crisp story with a simple message – be yourself and open up to your loved ones. The picturesque locations will steal your hearts. But, that is not enough to keep you engaged throughout the film. My only problem with this flavourful clear soup like tale is that it lacks that kick. The movie goes on in one pace and there are hardly any unexpected turns or jerks in this journey. Nevertheless, the concept is commendable; in fact, we need more films like this to spread more awareness.

Performance: Arvind Swamy proves that he can look charming even as a middle-aged man. You don’t need to have six-pack abs and a perfect jaw line to look attractive. He delivers every scene with conviction and gets into the skin of the character. However, Himanshu Sharma steals the show! He is a bundle of talent and nails every scene. From expressions to attitude to dialogue delivery, he is just perfect. Aman Uppal, who plays the cool reality TV star, also leaves a mark. He actually makes you chuckle with his quirk and humour. Ekavali Khanna is good in her part.
Music:Since it is a short film, there is not much scope for songs. However, the track ‘Chhota Hoon Main’ is very well composed and sung.

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Final Verdict :Dear Dad is the product of progressive thinking, and highlights the essence of a father-son relationship. Watch it for the concept!

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