Crocodile spotted in flooded streets at Secunderabad
Image Credit: The Hindu

A Crocodile Spotted in Flooded Streets at Secunderabad, Hyderabad near Tukaram gate. It has been rescued by the Wildlife rescue team of Nizamabad. The reptile is believed to have come out after the water level in the nearby canals increased due to heavy rains.

A Crocodile Spotted in Flooded Streets at Secunderabad and locals informed the wildlife rescue officials regarding the issue and the response was quick. They tactfully dealt with the reptile and took the situation in to control. It is believed that the crocodile was washed off from nearby canals due to the flooding water from the recent Hyderabad heavy rains.

The water in all the nearby canals increased and almost all the low lying areas in the twin cities are submerged underwater followed by the centuries highest rainfall ever recorded in the capital for 111 years.