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Country Foods Mastanamma Passed Away


The world’s oldest YouTuber Mastanamma Passed Away at 107-year-old Mastannama from Andhra Pradesh, Guntur village, who cooked delicious local recipes from scratch, and shot to fame through her Country Foods YouTube channel, is no more. Country Foods had become one of the most widely viewed channels with around 12 lakh subscribers in just two years. Each of Mastanamma cooking videos began from scratch. What made her videos popular with her viewers was the proximity to nature, easily available ingredients and of course the 107-year-old’s relentless spirit and her toothless smile.

The Country Foods YouTube channel was first started by K Laxman and his friend Srinath Reddy, both mediapersons from Hyderabad. In 2016, Laxman, who was a distant relative of Mastanamma, shared a video in which the elderly woman prepared a delectable brinjal curry for him and his friends. Laxman posted the video on YouTube and in no time, the single video had around 75,000 views. Soon, Mastannama’s watermelon chicken curry, kebabs, biryani, and her village style KFC chicken crossed borders. She celebrated her 106th birthday last year with the money sent by her admirers worldwide.

Mastanamma could cook anything, but the seafood was her specialty. Living on the banks of a river in Guntur all her life, she figured out all the recipes by herself. She also had a unique preparation method before beginning to cook. Mastanamma peeled potatoes, gingers, and even tomatoes with her fingers and used only the fleshy inside parts for cooking. She even had her own distinct style to crack open an egg.

Country Foods Mastanamma Passed Away _ Mastanamma Life Story

Mastanamma had probably fallen sick in the past 6 months as Country Foods had stopped posting her videos for a while. Fans had become restless and inquired about the 107-year-old’s health. The YouTube channel on Monday finally posted a video on the last journey of Mastanamma and broke the news of her death to her fans.

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