Colour Photo Movie Review and Rating

Colour photo movie review
Colour Photo Movie Review

Colour Photo Movie Review: Colour Photo Telugu Movie Starring Suhas, Chandini Chowdary, Sunil, Viva Harsha and Directed by Sandeep Raj. The Cinematography is handled by Venkat R Shakamuri and the editing by Kodati Pavan Kalyan whereas the Art direction is by Kranthi Priyam. Let’s Check out Colour Photo Movie Review, Rating, Story.

Colour Photo Movie Story:

Colour Photo is set out in a rural village in Machilipatnam in the year 1997. Jaya Krishna (Suhas) comes from a poor family and is dark-skinned and He falls in love with Deepthi (Chandini Chowdary) but hesitates to express his love for the fear of getting rejected. But Deepthi eventually falls in love with him.


The young couple is deeply in love despite the cliched colour barrier. However, Deepthi’s brother Rama Raju (Sunil) who comes to know about her love story shifts her to Vijayawada and asks her to severe ties with Jayakrishna. Will the young couple triumph the hurdle and get back together? To know the answer, you should watch Colour Photo film.

Colour Photo Movie Review:

Sai Rajesh’s story is a tried and tested one, but the treatment and set-up (the year 1997) are relatively fresh. The colour barrier concept has been presented well. Coming to the debutante, Director Sandeep Raj, narrates the first 40 minutes in a gripping manner with a good comedy quotient. But things get way too predictable in the second half as the screenplay is formulaic.

He does succeed in getting the best out of his actors and technicians but fails to carry the tempo of the film all the way through. He could have done a better job. The Colour Photo pre-climax is well done in the ‘heavier’ context. It is a nice fresh though, to make the par for the course ending portions accessible. There is a heavy feeling when the whole thing ends and it is definitely good for Colour Photo. It is because the pressing point of ‘Colour’ stays highlighted that way. The impact is instilled that way.

Colour Photo Movie Verdict:

Overall, Colour Photo Touted to be a sincere attempt made from the heart and engaging love story, that has some amazing performances by Suhas and Chandni Chowdary. Solid music and decent emotions are basic plus points. But an overdramatic climax and slightly dull love story take the film down here and there. It is one time watch for them alone. Watch Colour Photo Full Movie Online Streaming Now on Aha.

Colour Photo Movie Rating: 3/5.