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Chiranjeevi Praised Sudhakar Couple for Induvadana Cover Song


On the occasion of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday on August 22, the Sudhakar couple gave him a surprise gift to megastar. The Sudhakar couple re-created the super hit song ‘Induvadana kundaradana…mandagamana madhuravachana’ song from Challenge Film. The two danced to the song themselves and paid tribute to Megastar Chiranjeevi with the video. The Induvadana Cover Song video received a special response from mega fans. Megastar Chiranjeevi Praised Sudhakar Couple for wonderfully re-creating the Induvadana song.

Chiranjeevi Praised Sudhakar Couple

However, Megastar Chiranjeevi is also fed up with Mr. and Mrs. Sudhakar Komakula’s performance. Chiranjeevi was very happy to see the Induvadana Cover Song video and sent a voice message to the Sudhakar couple. Hero Sudhakar Komakula shared voice message through social media. In the video, Megastar Chiranjeevi says that Sudhakar and Harika’s dance performance made him happier than they expected. Sudhakar himself is a hero so he can dance .. But, his wife Harika is a techie and Megastra praised that he danced wonderfully. Chiranjeevi’s full voice message can be heard in this tweet.

Movie lovers can never forget Megastar Chiranjeevi and Vijaya Shanti‘s outstanding grace in the most melodious ‘Induvadanakundaradana…mandagamana madhuravachana’ song from the blockbuster film Challenge. While Chiranjeevi, as usual, rocked with his dance with utmost grace in it, Vijaya Shanthi looked super glamorous tickling the hearts of men. And this ever remembered song was recreated by actor Sudhakar Komakula and his wife. The couple who are in the USA tapped their feet for the song.

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