Child Trafficking Racket Busted In Visakhapatnam

Child Trafficking Racket Busted In Visakhapatnam
Child Trafficking Racket Busted In Visakhapatnam

The Child Trafficking Racket Busted In Visakhapatnam and arrested six persons associated with it and Visakhapatnam Police have found that Universal Srushti Hospital Managing Director (MD) Dr. Narmatha allegedly has involvement in the child trafficking racket. Police busted the child trafficking racket where the accused pay advance amount to the parents who couldn’t raise their children and sell it to others. It has been revealed that two Asha workers Venkatalakshmi, Annapurna, and Dr. Thirumala are collaborating with the gang.

On Sunday, Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner RK Meena told the media that a woman named Sundaramma had lodged a complaint on June 24. It was revealed that the baby was sold to people in Calcutta after she gave birth. Six people, including MD Narmada of Universal Creation Hospital, have been arrested in a child trafficking case. Child trafficking is rampant, targeting the poor. He said the Universal Creation Hospital at Jadpi Junction in Visakhapatnam was a hub for child trafficking.

RK Meena said the gang had so far been found to have bought and trafficked six children. CP said the case was still under investigation. Police have registered a case against Srishti Hospital for scams in the past.

Earlier, police have registered cases against Srushti Hospitals for alleged scams in the hospital. Now, the hospital has been part of a child trafficking racket with the name changed as Universal Srushti Hospital.

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