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Cheddi Gang Hulchul In Hayathnagar in Hyderabad


Cheddi Gang Hulchul In Hayathnagar: In the Hyderabad suburb, Cheddi Gang once again hulked. Rangareddy district was involved in a robbery on Thursday night at Kuntlur village in Hayatnagar Zone. The cash was robbed of Rs 70,000 in cash and 15 grams of gold jewelery. The villagers of Kuntlur are panicking.

According to Hayathnagar police, members of the gang broke into the houses during the wee hours on Friday. The incident was caught in a CCTV camera installed in the area. The Accused have been identified and special teams have been formed to nab them” Police said.

committed a series of crimes on October 25 in Kundlur, a village and a village in Pasumalu. In Hayatnagar, a man was arrested and charged with theft. The incidents were recorded on CC cameras but the police were not able to capture them. Once again, Hyderabad Cheddi Gang has been targeted for the same two crimes, again targeting the same Kuntlur.

Cheddi Gang Hulchul In Hayathnagar

coming from other states to escape the death of a wife. The police are oblivious to the paths they follow, nowhere to be found. This has become a challenge for Telangana police to catch them. The Chaddi Gang is involved in several Thefts and house burglary cases in several states across the country. some members were also taken into preventive detention by Rachakonda police earlier. _ ANI

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