Bing URL Submissions Plugin For WordPress to Quick indexing of URLs

Bing URL Submissions Plugin For WordPress Content Instant Indexing For Bing Search
Bing URL Submissions Plugin For WordPress Content Instant Indexing For Bing Search

Bing URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress is the latest addition by the Bing webmaster Tools team to help WordPress users to improve their visibility in Bing Search Engine. Bing URL Submission Plugin does a lot of things, and the most notable one is, it helps you in faster indexing in the Bing search engine. In short, the plugin looks for the latest and updated content and automatically submits it to Bing for fast indexing.


Bing said the Bing URL Submission Plugin for WordPress enables automated submission of URLs from WordPress websites to the Bing index. Once the Plugin installed and configured with an API key obtained from the Bing Webmaster Tools, the Bing URL Submissions Plugin detects page creation/update in WordPress and automatically submits the URL behind the scenes ensuring that the website pages are always fresh in the Bing index.

How to set up Bing URL Submissions  Plugin for WordPress:

  • To install the plugin for log in to the WordPress admin panel for your WordPress site. Then click on “Plugins > Add New”. Search for “Bing URL Submissions Plugin” and click on install.
  • Once installed, click on “Activate” to enable the plugin.
  • You will need an API key, to get the API Key open the Bing URL Submission plugin settings page by clicking on the “Settings” link for the plugin.
  • You should now be greeted with a prompt to enter the API key.
  • Enter your Bing Webmaster API key into the prompt on the plugin page.
  • Ensure that your WordPress site is verified with Bing Webmaster.

Bing URL Submissions Plugin WordPress also supports:

  • The ability to toggle the automatic submission URL feature on and off.
  • ​Manually submit a URL to Bing Index.
  • View a list of recent URL submissions from the plugin.
  • Retry any failed submissions from the recent submissions list.
  • Download recent URL submissions for analysis.

Overall, this is a Good Plugin to have when needed for submitting URL manually for Bing search indexation. it’s happy to see that Bing is catching up with Google in terms of offering more tools, and resources for webmasters to improve website visibility in Bing Search.

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