Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Grand Finale LIVE Updates Watch Online

Bigg boss telugu 4 grand finale watch live updates
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Grand Finale Watch LIVE Updates

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is set for its grand finale on Sunday (December 20) starts at 6 PM. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 grand finale will witness the eviction of three more contestants before the host stepping into the BB house and bringing them onto the stage. The chief guest will declare the winner and present the trophy along with a cheque of Rs. 50 lac as prize money. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Top Five contestants – Abhijeeth, Sohel, Akhil, Harika, and Ariyana are in the race to be the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Keep watching the space for more updates on BB Telugu 4 grand finale.


Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Grand Finale LIVE Updates

Nagarjuna kicks off the Bigg Boss Telugu grand finale – Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 host Nagarjuna makes a blockbuster entry. Nagarjuna welcomes the ex-contestants. Mehaboob Shaikh performs on “Muqabala”. Monal Gajjar, Amma Rajasekhar, Divya Vadhthya, Swathi Deekshith, Saikumar Pampana, Jabardasth Avinash, Gangavva, Sujatha, and Karate Kalyani also show off their dancing skills.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Finalists speak to their family members: Finalists Akhil, Abhijeet, Harika, Ariyana, and Sohail speak to their family members. Abhijeet’s mother says the contestant has changed so much in his journey of Bigg Boss. Akhil’s mother wishes him all the best for the results of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. Harika’s mother says she is emotional to see the contestant in the finale. Sohail’s father says he is very happy.

Final words of finalists: Before the first eviction of the grand finale, Nagarjuna asks finalists Akhil, Ariyana, Harika, Sohail, and Abhijeet to share their last words.

Actress Pranitha Subhash is here!: Pranitha Subhash takes the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 grand finale stage to show off her dancing skills.

Director Anil Ravipudi is on the stage!: Nagarjuna welcomes Anil Ravipudi on to the stage. He tells the director that F2 is his favorite film. Anil admits that he has been following Bigg Boss season 4. He says, “Every day, I watch the show with my family.” Nagarjuna says Mahesh Babu told him that Anil took a break in between the shoot of his film to watch the show.

Anil Ravipudi and Mehreen Pirzada to evict one finalist: Anil Ravipudi and Mehreen Pirzada will enter Bigg Boss house to evict one of the five finalists.

Anil Ravipudi and Mehreen quiz finalists: Anil Ravipudi and Mehreen Pirzada assign a task to the housemates. The two ask questions, and as per contestants’ answers, Anil and Mehreen ask them to drink a lemon or a karela juice shot.

Anil Ravipudi says his daughter is Dethadi Harika’s fan: Anil Ravipudi talks to Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 finalists. The director tells Harika that his 7-year-old daughter is her biggest fan and has been consistently voting for her.

Dethadi Harika Evicted!: Anil Ravipudi and Mehreen Pirzada announce that Harika has been eliminated. Now, Sohail, Abhijeet, Ariyana, and Akhil compete for Bigg Boss Telugu season 4’s trophy.

Harika joins Nagarjuna on BB stage: Alekhya Harika joins Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu grand finale stage. Harika says she had a great time in the Bigg Boss house. “I experienced everything in the house,” says Harika.

A briefcase full of money!: Actress Lakshmi Rai and Pranitha Subhash enter Bigg Boss house with a briefcase full of money. Nagarjuna tells the two actors that they have to tempt one of the contestants to exit the house with the money.

Ariyana Eliminated: Actress Lakshmi Rai enters Bigg Boss house to evict one of the four finalists. During a task, Lakshmi and Nagarjuna announce Ariyana’s eviction. Now, Akhil, Abhijeet, and Sohail will compete for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 trophy.

Ariyana is on Bigg Boss 4 Telugu grand finale stage: Ariyana Glory enters Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 grand finale stage. In a conversation with Nagarjuna, Ariyana says, “I have been in the house for 15 weeks. I am a bit sad, but I am sure I have won people’s love.”

Mehreen Pirzada is back!: Mehreen Pirzada treats her fans and audience to an amazing performance.

Sohel, Akhil, and Abhijeet express their feeling: Sohel, Akhil, and Abhijeet tell Nagarjuna that they are extremely nervous about the results.

Nagarjuna offers Rs 20 lakhs to finalists: Nagarjuna asks Akhil, Sohel, and Abhijeet to hold onto a briefcase that has Rs 20 lakhs in it. He tells the contestants to remind themselves of their dreams and ambitions.

Sohel takes home Rs 25 lakhs: When Sohel, Abhijeet, and Akhil refuse to take home Rs 20 lakhs, Nagarjuna adds Rs 5 lakhs to the amount. Sohel decides to take Rs 25 lakhs. However, Nagarjuna gives him a chance to rethink. After consulting his family members, Sohel takes home Rs 25 lakhs. He says, “Out of Rs 25 lakhs, Rs 10 lakhs amount will go to an orphanage while the rest will be for me.” Nagarjuna announces that Rs 25 lakhs will be deducted from the winner’s prize money.

Sohel: I won the audience’s heart: Sohel says he has won the audience’s heart during his stay in the Bigg Boss house. He says out of Rs 10 lakhs, he will give Rs 5 lakhs to Mehaboob. Mehaboob says with those Rs 5 lakhs, he will want to help people who lost their dear ones and even jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nagarjuna offers Rs 10 lakhs to Mehboob and Sohel: Nagarjuna says Mehboob and Sohel have inspired him. The host says he will give Rs 10 lakhs each to Sohel and Mehboob for their donation to an orphanage. Nagarjuna asks Sohel to take his winning amount of Rs 25 lakhs home.

Housemates appreciate Sohel’s decision: Monal, Ariyana, Noel, and other contestants appreciate Sohel’s decision to take home Rs 25 lakhs. Nagarjuna says he has won Rs 35 lakhs.

Lakshmi Rai’s blockbuster performance: Lakshmi Rai takes the stage to show off her dancing skills.

S Thaman is here!: Music composer S Thaman and his team perform hit songs.

Nagarjuna unveils the winner’s trophy: Nagarjuna unveils the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 winner’s trophy. Akhil and Abhijeet are competing for the winner’s title.

Nagarjuna enters Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house: Nagarjuna enters Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house to bring finalists Akhil and Abhijeet to the finale stage.

Akhil and Abhijeet bid goodbye to Bigg Boss Telugu house: After Akhil and Abhijeet gave Nagarjuna a trip to the Bigg Boss Telugu house, the two bid their goodbyes to the house. Ex-contestants give a grand welcome to the finalists.

Chiranjeevi to announce Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 winner: Nagarjuna welcomes his “best friend” Megastar Chiranjeevi on to the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 grand finale stage. The actor will be announcing the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4.

I worked on my fitness: Chiranjeevi When Nagarjuna complimented Chiranjeevi, the actor says he has been focusing on his fitness and diet during the coronavirus period.

A sneak peeks into Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu 4 journey: Chiranjeevi gives a sneak-peek into Nagarjuna’s journey as the host of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Chiranjeevi compliments Abhijeet: MegaStar Chiranjeevi says Abhijeet’s calm and composed nature will take him ahead in his career. Abhijeet says he is feeling lucky that Megastar is pulling his leg.

Chiranjeevi says he will use Sohel’s mannerism in his film: Megastar Chiranjeevi says he will use Sohel’s mannerism and famous dialogues in his films. Nagarjuna informs Chiranjeevi that he decided to donate Rs 25 lakhs, which impresses Megastar. The actor adds that Sohel has left a huge impact on his family. Chiranjeevi invites Sohel for a biryani feast, cooked by his wife. An overwhelmed Sohel ends up crying on the stage.

Chiranjeevi promises to make a special appearance in Sohel’s film: Sohel asks Chiranjeevi to support him when he releases his own film. Chiranjeevi says he will launch the film and promises to make a special appearance in it.

‘Akhil, you grabbed eyeballs’: Chiranjeevi says Akhil grabbed eyeballs with his attractive personality. The actor says he kept spreading love among the housemates and stuck to his goal of winning Bigg Boss. Chiranjeevi also praises Harika and Ariyana.

I am a fan of your smile: Chiranjeevi to Monal: Chiranjeevi praises Monal and says her smile is very pretty. He says, “A lot of filmmakers are waiting for you outside. You will have a bright future.”

You remind me of myself: Chiranjeevi to Mehaboob: Chiranjeevi says Mehaboob is a gem of a person. The actor praises Mehaboob and says, “You remind me of myself when I was struggling to make my career.”

Chiranjeevi gives Rs 10 lakhs to Mehaboob: Chiranjeevi, taking inspiration from Nagarjuna, gives Rs 10 lakhs to Mehaboob. Mehaboob gets teary-eyed and thanks the megastar for his contribution.

Divya to get a film with Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi tells Divya that he will be giving her the role of a police officer in his next film.

Abhijeet wins Bigg Boss season 4: Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi announce Abijeet Duddala as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4.

Abijeet wins bike and Rs 25 lakhs: Abijeet takes Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 trophy, a bike and Rs 25 lakhs. Akhil thanked the audience for voting for him and bringing him to the top 2 of the show. “The journey has been nothing less than a dream. To be able to speak while sharing the stage with Nagarjuna sir and Chiranjeevi sir is just unbelievable. Thank you all,” Akhil says.

Abijeet says, “I never imagined sharing the stage with Telugu film industry’s two big stars Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi. I pay tribute to my audience for their love.”

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