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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 23 Highlights – Captaincy Task Begins


Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 23 Highlights: The Bigg Boss season 4 is well underway as it is in its fourth week. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 23 episode begins with the contestants waking up to the customary music and begin dancing in the outdoor common area. Akhil and Swathi bond over coffee in the morning. Syed Sohel teaches everyone how to do a robbery as part of morning masti. Syed Sohel and Abhijeet discuss the temperament of Sohel from last week as Abhijeet believes Sohel was belittling.

The discussion goes nowhere and it keeps going back and forth as the last week humans versus robot tasks are nitpicked. Mehboob Dilse joins the discussion as Abhijeet slips his tongue and makes a general jibe. But Abhijeet and Mehboob go outside to talk about their differences. Sohel storms out of the room telling Bigg Boss not to give physical tasks because he feels Abhijeet cannot handle it.

The captaincy task is read out by Kumar Sai and it is called Killer Coins. In this task, whenever the sound of jingling coins is played, there will be a shower of coins in the garden area. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants have to collect them and save them carefully. Each contestant has to try to save their coins and also have to have the most number of coins.

The contestant with the most coins will win the captaincy for the week. Someone steals Divi’s coins and Divi steals Kumar Sai’s coins. Sohel and Ariyana have an argument over who is stealing coins. Bigg Boss makes an announcement once again to read the task details very clearly.

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