Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 22 Highlights – Fourth Week Nomination Task

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 22 Highlights
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 22 Highlights

Today, Theprimetalks brings you the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 22 Highlights in BB house. The Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 22 episode starts with a fun task, where houseguests have to depict emotion, from romance to sadness. Abhijeet and Swati Deeshith perform on romance. Noel and Lasya showcase anger emotion. Avinash and Gangavva act where he doesn’t want to marry.

Mehboob Dilse and Divi discuss nominations, where they decide to nominate Abhijeet and Harika for respective reasons. Ariyana Glory and Avinash tease each other and discuss the equation about other contestants. The houseguests tease Avinash that Monal is his sister, which turns all fun. The fourth Week Nomination process began, where Sohel and Akhil are hitmans and house guests are supposed to make a deal with them to nominate other contestants.


Amma Rajasekhar nominates Swati Deekshith, Mehboob nominates Abhijeet, Ariyana Glory nominates Lasya, Harika nominates Mehboob and Sujatha nominates Sai Kumar. Akhil and Sohel argue and fight as Sohel robs Akhil’s money. Akhil earns 39k from the hitman task, which saves him from nomination and he nominates Harika for the fourth-week nominations. The Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Day 22 ends with Swati Deekshith express her displeasure of getting nominated by Amma Rajasekahar in the first week itself.

On a related note, Devi Nagavalli during the post-elimination interaction was given an immunity to save anyone contestant from the week’s nomination as part of the ‘positive big bomb’, wherein she saved her BFF Ariyana Glory. Also, Gangavva who is the current captain of the house is safe from the Fourth-week nominations.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Numbers for Fourth Week Elimination 

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