Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Grand Finale LIVE Updates Online

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Grand Finale LIVE
Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Grand Finale LIVE Updates Online

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Grand Finale Live is all set to kick start shortly. Fans are waiting with bated breath to know the winner. Rahul Sipligunj, Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh, Baba Bhaskar, and Ali Reza emerged as the finalists of this season. Bigg Boss Telugu grand finale will feature some special performances by ex-contestants, TV actors, actresses Catherine Tresa, Nidhhi Agerwal and guest appearances by Srikanth, Anjali, Rashi Khanna, and Maruthi.

For the first time in the brief history of the Telugu TV series, the grand finale will be shot LIVE tonight (November 3). Host Akkineni Nagarjuna took to his Twitter to confirm the same and urged fans not to believe in ‘rumours’ on social media. The makers of the show opted for the LIVE shoot to avoid unwanted leaks about the winner, sources suggest. Rahul Sipligunj and Sreemukhi are still in the race to be the winner.


Host Nagarjuna to have a candid conversation with the special guests. The grand finale will feature host Nagarjuna having a candid conversation with special guests Maruthi, Srikanth, Varun’s grandmother Rajyalakshmi and other finalists and their family members.

While Srikantha names ex-contestant Punarnavi as his favourite contestant on the show, Rajyalakshmi says she wants to talk to him (Akkineni Nagarjuna) rather than her grandson Varun Sandesh, one of the five finalists. As per the latest reports, Varun is most likely to get evicted from the show in the last round of elimination. Keep watching the space for live updates of the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu grand finale.

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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Grand Finale LIVE Updates 

Host Nagarjuna finally arrives in style
Host Nagarjuna arrives in style, dances with the ex-contestants and proudly says, “I love this season of Bigg Boss Telugu”

Ex-contestants start the show on a high note
Former contestants Ravikrishna, Siva Jyothi, Rohini, Hema, Himaja, Siva Jyothi and others dance to popular zesty numbers

Finalists perform to a special song on their Bigg Boss journey
Varun, Baba, Sreemukhi and Ali dance as Rahul croons a special song on their Bigg Boss journey.

Host Nagarjuna asks finalists to mark their territories
The host tells the finalists that their journey in the house has come to an end. He further asks them to mark their territories with markers.

Actress Catherine Tresa’s zesty performance lifts the mood of the set
The video narrating the journey of 100 days leaves the finalists and ex-contestants teary-eyed. Just then, actress Catherine Tresa arrives in style and entertains with her dazzling performance to some popular massy numbers.

Actress Raashi Khanna and director Maruthi grace the show
Popular actress Raashi Khanna and director Maruthi arrive and she croons a melody. Maruthi says he loves the top 5 contestants.

Finalists guess who will get evicted next; Maruthi and Raashi dance with Baba
Maruthi and Raashi step into the house to reveal the first elimination of the night. They shake a leg with Baba before they make the announcement.

Ali Reza is the first finalist to get evicted from the show
After much suspense, Raashi and Maruthi reveal that Ali Reza is evicted from the show. He is the first finalist to get eliminated. The housemates give him a happy farewell

Popular playback singer Anurag Kulkarni mesmerizes with his medley
Anurag Kulkarni’s special performance to his popular medley helps viewers move on from the eviction episode.

Ali ranks the rest of the finalists
Evicted finalist Ali ranks Rahul as No.1 while Sreemukhi, Varun and Baba follow at second, third and fourth positions respectively.

Nagarjuna gives Srikanth a suitcase and sends him into the house
Srikanth steps into the house with a suitcase and to perform a special task.

Host Nagarjuna has a deal for the finalists
Nagarjuna first offers the finalists a total of Rs. 20 lacs while Srikanth also tries to convince them to take and leave the house. But the finalists refuse to accept it.

Finalist Varun Sandesh gets evicted
Varun Sandesh is the second finalist to get evicted from the show. Catherine Tresa joins Srikanth in bringing Varun out of the house.

Varun gives out his winner of the season
Varun fills the tubes with coloured water and says he’ll be happy to see any of them as winner but Rahul is the one who is closer to him.

Ex-contestants, joined by popular TV actors deliver scintillating performances
Former contestants Vithika, Punarnavi and others are joined by popular TV actors to entertain with their dance performances.

Nagarjuna invites actress Anjali for the next elimination
The host welcomes popular actress Anjali and sends her into the house on an important task.

Nagarjuna offers the finalists Rs. 25 lacs yet again
The host Nagarjuna makes a whopping deal of Rs 25 lacs to the finalists but none accepts the deal.

Baba Bhaskar is the third finalist to get evicted
Actress Anjali reveals Baba as the third finalist to be eliminated from the show.

Baba Bhaskar tags Sreemukhi as the winner
Evicted finalist Baba admits having got tempted with Rs. 25 lac offer initially. He names Sreemukhi as a winner and Rahul as runner-up.

Actress Nidhhi Agerwal sets the floor ablaze with her dance performance
Nagarjuna welcomes hot and happening actress Nidhhi Agerwal who leaves everyone floored with her zesty dance performance.

Nagarjuna steps into the house
Host Nagarjuna goes into the BB house to bring the two finalists out of the house.

Nagarjuna offers Rs 25 lacs to both the finalists
He makes an offer where both the finalists get Rs 25 lacs. But they refused to accept the deal.

Sreemukhi and Rahul switch off the lights and bid goodbye to the BB house

Host Nagarjuna welcomes Megastar Chiranjeevi onto the show as a special guest
MEK 4 host Chiranjeevi gets a warm welcome by host Nagarjuna and ex-contestants

Upon Chiranjeevi’s request, a mashup of Nagarjuna’s statements is played
Upon Chiranjeevi’s request, Bigg Boss plays a mashup of Nagarjuna’s statements and a special journey video in the entire season of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3.

Chiranjeevi leaves the contestants floored with his interaction with former contestants

Chiranjeevi appreciates Tamanna for her courage; says he is Baba’s fan

Chiranjeevi makes interesting comments on former contestants

Chiranjeevi appreciates Sreemukhi, Rahul and congratulates them on their journey.

finally, Nagarjuna declares Rahul Sipligunj as the winner and Sreemukhi as a runner up

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