Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Launch LIVE: Nagarjuna introduces 15 contestants


The audience is finally set to witness host Akkineni Nagarjuna introduce 15 contestants of the much-awaited Telugu reality TV show, Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu, which will start broadcasting on Star Maa from Sunday, July 21. The Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the most popular TV shows. Its first season, which was hosted by Junior NTR, was a big hit, but the young tiger declined to come back on a show for its season 2 due to prior commitments. The makers brought actor Nani to host the second season in a move which was dramatic and successful.

Nagarjuna will return as the host on a small screen after a long time. Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is a celebrity-centric show. To put it differently, any participant on the amazing show becomes a celebrity over a few weeks. And with superstars like Nagarjuna hosting it, what more can one ask for? He even stated in one of the promos that it’s a 14 contestants-100 days show which means they are no commoners. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Contestants List with Photos.


Akkineni Nagarjun Introduction:

Taking a jibe at the viral video which had him saying he doesn’t like Bigg Boss, host Nagarjuna says a human’s heart is like a monkey and always keeps jumping. Nagarjuna says he entered the field to know why the show is liked by everyone. Nagarjuna thanks the previous hosts Jr NTR and Nani for making the reality show such a successful outing.

The first task of the season!

For the first time in the history of the reality show, host Nagarjuna gets a task from Bigg Boss. Nagarjuna is asked to pick the first three contestants to enter the house. Quite a new way!

The first conversation with Bigg Boss:

Bigg Boss has the first conversation with Nagarjuna and asks him to enter the confession room. Welcoming the host to the show, Bigg Boss congratulates him and asks him how the house this season is this year.

A trip to the Bigg Boss 3 house!

Before announcing the contestants, host Nagarjuna takes a visit to the Bigg Boss house and gives a glimpse of how the house would look this season. Hit songs from Nag’s films are played as the hose visits each room of the house. The KING is doing an impressive job so far!

Bigg Boss Season 3 first contestant to enter the house – Shiva Jyothi:

Nagarjuna welcomes the first three contestants Shiva Jyothi to the reality show. An AV is played about her to give a background about her life. Nagarjuna has a funny conversation with Shiva Jyothi and it is enjoyable. Shiva Jyothi says she would like to take nice memories from the house, and if destiny has it, the crown as well. After an enjoyable conversation, Nagarjuna sends Shiva Jyothi into the Bigg Boss house and she becomes the first contestant to enter the house in the third season!

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu second contestant – Ravi Krishna:

The second contestant this season is Ravi Krishna and the popular TV personality makes a grand entry with a performance. Host Nagarjuna welcomes him with a big warm hug. After a brief conversation about his plans inside the house, Nagarjuna sends Ravi Krishna into the house!

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu third contestant – Ashu Reddy:

Ashu Reddy, a digital world celebrity, enters the house and gets a warm welcome from the audience. An AV is played which gives a brief about her life. Nag talks about trolls and gives her a piece of advice. Host Nagarjuna sends the third contestant inside the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu fourth contestant is TV9 anchor Jaffer:

Nag goes on to introduce the fourth contestant – TV9 journalist Jaffar Babu, who is all excited to enter the house. As per the task, the housemates interview the new entrant.

The Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu fifth housemate – Himaja

Tollywood supporting and TV serial actress Himaja Chowdhary is the fifth contestant of Bigg Boss 3. Himaja makes a splashing entry onto the stage with a blistering performance on Bullet Meeda Bull Reddy song.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Six housemate – Rahul Silpigunj

Rahul silpigunj makes a rocking entry with a performance. Nag says that he likes his rendition of Rangasthalam title track. He asks him to sing a song. After he croons it, he sends Rahul inside the house. The housemates are excited to receive him and ask him to croon a song.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Seventh housemate – Rohini

Nagarjuna introduces Rohini After having a fun conversation, he asks to make her a funny entry inside the house. She is excited to enter the house.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu eight housemate – Baba Bhaskar

Baba Bhaskar is a popular choreographer in South Indian movies and is the eighth contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. With a striking dance performance, Baba makes a splashing entry on stage.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Ninth housemate – Punarnavi Bhupalam

PunarNavi Bhupalam enters the house as the ninth contestants. He asks how she would perform inside the house. She says that he will have to wait to see it. Then she sends her inside the house, where others receive her well.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Tenth housemate – Hema 

Actress Hema enters the house as the tenth contestants. After talking to Nagarjuna, she enters the house.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Eleventh housemate – Ali Raza

TV actor Ali Raza enters the house as the eleventh contestants. He shows his six-pack abs. Talking to Nag, he says that he does want to prove anything by entering the house, but want to see how he will sustain inside the house. The housemates are all thrilled to receive him.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu twelfth housemate – Mahesh Vitta

The short film’s fame Mahesh Vitta is the twelfth house in this season. An AV is played to give a background about him. Host Nagarjuna welcomes him to show and has a brief conversation. Mahesh hails from Rayalseema region from Andhra Pradesh and Nagarjuna tells him he loves the culture there. The two have a brief and comical conversation.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu thirteenth housemate – Sreemukhi

The popular TV host and actress Sreemukhi is the thirteenth contestant this year in Bigg Boss. As predicted by us, Sreemukhi is part of the Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Sreemukhi delivers a dance performance and makes a sparkling entry to the show.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu fourteenth and fifteenth contestants – Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru couples

Tollywood couple Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru are the final two contestants this season in Bigg Boss Telugu. The couple makes a romantic entry on stage with a performance on songs from Varun’s Kotha Bangaru Lokam. Quite a romantic entry! Host Nagarjuna asks the couple about their love story and they reveal how their love story began. Watch out for this couple in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. This is the first time in three seasons that a couple is entering the Bigg Boss house.

Alright! Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is now all set to begin now with 15 contestants and the drama will go on for 100 days. Host Nagarjuna will keep an eye on the contestants through his Mana TV and it will be interesting to see how he will go about his business.

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