6 Best Job Portals in India 2024

Discover the best job portals in India to land your dream job. Explore top platforms and start your career journey today!

Best job portals in india

Best Job Portals in India: Nowadays each year lakhs of people are becoming graduates and passing out of college. To crack any job, we need skills. And the most important feature that people always ignore about searching job. How to search for a job? Where to search for a job? Which job platform is best? No one is considering this as a major factor for getting a good job. 

More over number of Job portals, and social media platforms are posting job vacancies but no one knows if it’s real or fraud. Some people also lost their money because of these fake job portals. So, the solution is here. Presenting you the best job search websites for you in India. Read it on!


List of 6 Best Job Portals in India:

1. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the best platform to interact with job recruiters and friends who are working in other companies. It is like a social media platform in a work-oriented way. People will connect to you and share their ideas, and skills. All job postings are available and we can connect to the HR of the company who posted the job. Some people share skill sheets, and notes which can help improve skills. Daily mail alerts of job postings will be sent daily.

Cons: Nowadays LinkedIn has become a concern from a privacy point of view. Sometimes it is ineffective for job matching. Spam messages are also increased on this platform. Misinformation and cyberbullying are some other concerns.

2. Indeed:

Indeed, is one of the best job search platforms in over 60+ countries. Lakhs of people search for jobs in Indeed. It’s good for searching for jobs based on keywords. If you type the keyword for your required job you will get a list of jobs with exact match. Advanced filters are also a big plus point. Not only jobs we can also categorise jobs like full-time and part-time and internships etc. Indeed, the apply feature is a one-click submission of an application. Mail alerts mobile friendly are some other advantages.

Cons: Thousands of job openings are posted every second, so there may chance of high competition. Lower visibility of jobs over time.

3. Monster:

Monster is useful for both job seekers and employers as well. Employers, make sure to get a good qualified employee suitable for their job posting. It collects a large number of resumes and easily can be scrutinized. One more feature is called power search which makes employer easy to get people with an exact match. It promotes freelance, contract-based, and part-time jobs more. Ads are refreshed automatically after 14 days from the date of posting. One more feature called Job Fit score gives you how much a resume skill matches with required job skills. 

Cons: We need to pay money for each job posting. Some filters are missing like experience level, expected salary, etc.

4. Glassdoor:

Glassdoor is a platform not only for a job searching portal but also for knowing a company’s performance by seeing employee reviews. We can know the average salary for each job role. These salaries are predicted by using reviews given by various employees. Ratings are given for each company. This website has a nice layout and user friendly. A lot of people use Glassdoor to learn the facts about the company and interact with already working employees in that company.

Cons: More fake reviews are coming nowadays. People working in different companies, out of their frustration give negative reviews and put bad comments which make a false impression on the company. This will impact more on small companies where a negative review may lead to disinterest in job seekers. 

5. Naukri:

Naukri is also one of the best job searching portals in India. Its interface is simple and user-friendly. For HR people also easy to find the right person suitable for the job. It provides valuable data insights and makes smart decision making which leads to getting a good person for the role. It’s very useful for startup companies. It is built on a cloud base so the recruitment process is entirely managed automatically.

Cons: Sometimes app version is facing issues. The search algorithm needs to be improved a bit. We get some unrelated results for some keywords when we type for job searching. Frequent maintenance is required.

6. Free job alerts.com:

Free Job Alerts are completely free for those who are looking for a government job. This website has all the information about job postings from state government and central government jobs. The jobs are divided state-wise. Also, banking jobs, SSC jobs, Railway jobs, Army jobs, medical field jobs, and central government PSU jobs are separated into different sections.

Free job alerts are updated daily and also provide information about application date, last date of applying, fee, no of jobs available, etc in a single frame. Also, it provides a direct link for job notification and a link for application filling. No need to check for a link to fill out the application. It also gives alerts to mail. Also, when results of particular jobs are released you will be notified and result links are also available readily.

Cons: Sometimes links will not work properly. Some jobs are still available even after the application filling date has expired. The Portal interface is a bit old-fashioned.


Choosing the right job portal plays a vital role in your job search success. Above mentioned job portals like Naukri, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster India, Glassdoor, and Free Job Alerts have their unique features that help different job categories. Whether you’re looking for extensive job listings, networking opportunities, or skill development, there’s a job portal out there for you.

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