Beautiful Movie Review and Rating, Hit or Flop Talk

Beautiful Movie Review And Rating Hit Or Flop Talk
Beautiful Movie Review

Ram Gopal Varma’ Beautiful Movie starring Parth Suri and Naina Ganguly, has already created a lot of buzzes. Finally the film Beautiful has arrived at the theaters today on 1st January 2020. RGV’s Beautiful Movie Review and Ratings has received mixed talk from the audience.

Beautiful Movie Story: Rinny (Naina Ganguly), a happy going girl and Mayank Naidu (Soori) stays in the same colony and falls in love with one another. One fine day Rinny gets an opportunity as heroin and turns Super Star within no time. This brings distance between the couple. The consequences they faced later and succeeding conclusion forms the crux of Beautiful.


Beautiful Movie Review and Rating:

The first half of ‘Beautiful’ has very little plot and way too many shots of Naina Ganguly randomly dancing in what is meant to be a sensuous manner. The film feels like being stuck between a rock and hard place because even when the plot tries to tell a story it’s not effectively shown, especially when Naina Ganguly’s acting style is extremely over-the-top. Parth does a good enough job, delivering an earnest performance with the role he’s handed. Ravi Shankar’s music is drivel, but the BGM is good enough. With things coming to a head right before the interval, it remains to be seen how the second half will fare.

Beautiful Movie Cast Performance: Priyank Suri has given his decent performance in this film Beautiful. His chemistry is good with Naina Ganguly. His performance is highlighted especially in emotional and romantic scenes. Naina Ganguly looks hot on the screen. Her performance is over-enthusiastic. She provides superb eye candy for the audience. The rest of the supporting cast of Beautiful is very dull.

Beautiful Movie Verdict: Beautiful is definitely not a film to expect a lot out of. The director Agasthya Manju tries to impress the audiences with the skin show of Naina Ganguly. There is nothing special in the movie beautiful except sensuous songs. But when it fails to at least engage, it turns into nothing but a headache-inducing experience.

Beautiful Movie Rating: 2/5.

Beautiful Movie Rating
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beautiful-movie-reviewParth Suri and Naina Ganguly Starring Beautiful Movie Review and Ratings has received mixed talk from the audience.