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Baahubali Actor Prabhas Files Petition in High Court


The Baahubali Actor Prabhas guest house located in Rayadurgam area of Hyderabad was seized by revenue authorities on Monday, as part of the government drive to reclaim Paigah lands in that area. It is a known fact that they had demolished several illegal structures and when they had come to Prabhas guest house upon finding no one there they issued a notice and sealed the gates informing about the seizure.

This issue, Prabhas has approached the Hyderabad High Court regarding the same. In his petition, Prabhas informed the court he is not served any notice before the Seizure. The high court may take up the petition later on in the day. The other day, the Revenue Officials have seized the Guest House and pasted the Notice on the Gate of the Guest House. They also placed Board indicating that it is a Government Land.

On Work, Front Baahubali Actor Prabhas is currently shooting for his Saaho Movie which is being planned for August 15th, 2019 as Independence Day Special. He has another project, Jaan which is also undershooting. The Saaho Full Movie Release towards the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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